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26 reasons why I love Mexico

”What is your favorite country?” I am asked once again.

With no doubt I reply ”Mexico.”


My fast answer is always followed by a very surprised face reaction.


Mostly when it’s an American or a Canadian person asking me. Why is my answer Mexico? No one understands. And no wonder why they do not … if the only place they know in Mexico is americanized Cancun or an all inclusive hotel in Baja California Sur.

But there’s much more to Mexico than that.


I love Mexico and I am not ashamed of it.


There’s at least 26 things I love about Mexico:


1. Mexican cuisine - quesadillas, nachos with guacamole, tortillas, beans … I cannot survive for too long without them and when in Mexico I could easily eat nachos with guacamole for breakfast and then quesadillas for both lunch and dinner.


Mexican quesadillas with guacamole

Mexican quesadillas with guacamole


2. Mexican hospitality and friendliness - what they say that it is extremely dangerous in Mexico is not entirely true. Of course there are destinations where you gotta be careful or better avoid them but I already spent more than 5 months traveling in Mexico and only came across rather friendly people.

3. archaeological sites - from the Mayas, Aztecs, Toltecs to unknown Native American tribes. You can find it all there. I spend loads of time exploring the history of more than 17 archaeological sites all around Mexico.


visiting Teotihuacan pyramids

visiting Teotihuacan pyramids


4. unexcavated pyramids - there’s no better feeling for a ruin freak than walking in the nature knowing that those hills are just pyramids covered with vegetation and that one day we will be able to admire their beauty in full. I saw some around Teotihuacan or even next to El Cerrito pyramid where there’s another hill with a pyramid underneath.


an uncovered pyramid in Mexico

an unexcavated pyramid


5. cenotes - Yucatan peninsula is full of thousands of sinkholes where you can swim, snorkel or even dive. Just imagine a hole in the ground where you climb down on a ladder or a rope (even rappel is possible in some) and you are get into a paradise! Every single cenote is completely different to all the others.


Kantun chi cenote

Kantun chi cenote


6. crystal clear beaches and white sand - especially those beaches in the Caribbean are the real paradise beaches where you would love to spend the rest of your life.

7. ruins right on the beach - Tulum is unique. Nowhere else in the world you can find archaeological sites right on the cliff overlooking turquoise sea.

8. positive attitude - when my Mexican friend once told me that us, fucking Europeans are always complaining, I realized he was right. Just being in Mexico means I am in a good mood.

9. something to learn from the poor - they are still happy even though they do not own many material things because believe me or not, most of the material things are not necessary.

10. fresh fruit - pretty easy to get on the street and cheap too. It’s the best snacks I can get.

11. Pueblos Magicos - Magic Towns – every single one of them is different and conserves its unique architecture (e.g. a white town, a white with red roofs, yellow town etc.) I have visited a few Pueblos Magicos, such as Todos Santos in Baja California Sur, little Comala I passed through on the road trip around Colima state, Tequila where the famous alcoholic drink originated, the so called Ghost Town Mineral de Pozos, San Cristobal de las Casas, Valladolid, underground town Guanajuato and some more.


Pueblo Magico Mineral de Pozos

Pueblo Magico Mineral de Pozos


12. the nicest toilets I’ve ever seen - I mean, who would expect colorful talavera tiles and sofas in toilets?! Because definitely it was not me. I never thought of toilets as cultural art until I visited Mexico.

13. Mexican Spanish - the accent and some words are just so sexy! If you are a guy, you might find this quick lesson of Mexican Spanish very useful ;)

14. local markets - not only in Mexico but everywhere I go, local markets are my kinda place. I remember for example El Parian market in Puebla.

15. colours, colours and more colours everywhere - architecture, inside the houses, clothes, streets, just everything is vivid and colourful.

16. agua de Jamaica - cold hibiscus water. I love hibiscus tea in the spas all around the world, but no one ever offers hibiscus water like the one you can get in many Mexican restaurants. Although it contains added sugar which I dislike, it’s still the most refreshing drink I cannot get enough in Mexico.


agua de Jamaica in Mexico

agua de Jamaica in Mexico


17. churches of 2 towers and different colours in every town – Although I am not religious, I enjoy taking photos of churches. They bring me peace. In Mexico I know every single church will be diametrically different to all the hundreds I’ve seen already.

18. clothing of the native inhabitants - loving the fact that the native inhabitants still use their original costumes. I am not the expert to differentiate which part of Mexico they come from, but it’s cool to see they keep following their traditions.

19. people just randomly singing - I hum and sing all day long and seeing others to do so too is refreshing and makes me happy. Waiters at restaurants serving me and randomly singing can make up my day. Nothing else is needed!

20. jicama lollipops - I might be the only person in Mexico who refuses to add lemon, salt and sauces to it to keep it healthy, but jicama lollipops are the tastiest I’ve ever had.

21. iguanas - cute and beautiful creatures enriching my experience in places such as Xel-ha? Bring them on! Iguanas rock.

22. perfect service - I have to say I am not the biggest fan of tipping in general but at least in Mexico I know it’s worth it. The service I get in restaurants then and everywhere else is truly amazing. They smile at me and surprisingly enough it is not one of those forced learned smiles but a real one.

23. biodiversity - you can do anything in Mexico, from jungle visiting, to beach bumming, to city breaks, archaeological sites, unknown villages, snorkeling, camel riding, zip line etc. Mexico is the country of unlimited options.

24. zona magica - the magic zone – is a truly special place where the gravity does not apply. It’s a very short piece of road where your car without using the engine will go backwards up to the hill instead of going down as it would normally do after switching off the car engine. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this place close to Comala on the way to Fire Volcano and also close to San Jose Iturbide.

25. sun dogs - many of you have no idea what a sun dog is. I used to be one of you until for the first time ever I noticed a rainbow around the Sun when visiting the largest pyramid of the world in Cholula. I saw a sun dog again when on the way from SJD airport to Cabo San Lucas and then the day after when tanning at Marina Fiesta hotel.


a sun dog in Mexico

a sun dog in Mexico


26. Mexican gentlemen - I mention this as the last point but it should be somewhere at the top. NEVER in my life I’ve met so many gentlemen in one country than in Mexico. Opening the doors for me but also closing them behind (car doors included), or walking on the outside closer to the street and thus protecting me closer to the wall? I was in shock, and still am every day when it happens again.


As you can see, I have so many reasons to love Mexico. Don’t you have now, too?


  1. I agree 100%. Maybe with a small change: I’d swap agua de jamaica (I really hate it) for… let me think… Chaparritas de Piña ;)

  2. Comment@ Aamlorie:
    Glad to help :) After your first time you will want to revisit Mexico so badly all the time :D

  3. i wanted so bad to visit mexico and you gave the 26 right and best reasons to do it! thx :)

  4. Comment@ flipnomad:
    Let’s plan a trip to Mexico together and stuff up our faces with Mexican cuisine :D

  5. Nice post Alex. I haven’t been to Mexico but would love to visit one day. I’m a big fan of Mexican food too so I guess it’ll be paradise for me too.

  6. Comment@ Pablo:
    Right on, everything is great in Mexico!

  7. Comment@ Cassie:
    Much agreed. Mexico is the country with the biggest extremes and I love that.

  8. Comment@ Ruth:
    Thanks for the tip, Ruth. Sounds great :) I love hidden gems.

  9. Comment@ Jose M. Wong:
    Jose, so nice of you to appreciate my opinion :)

  10. Comment@ Sasha:
    You will love Teotihuacan, Sasha. Such a magical place full of energy.

  11. Comment@ Micamyx|Senyorita:
    OMG Mica, how could you think of that? :D There would be only one problem – he has to be taller than me :D

  12. Comment@ Sab:
    Sab, we should go together to both Mexico and the Philippines :D

  13. Comment@ Wander Shugah:
    haha yeah, Mexican gentlemen can be hot :) Go for it!

  14. Comment@ Craig Zabransky:
    Hm fiestas is a good point to add. I know you would add mujeres too but I still fall for guys only :D

  15. I might visit mexivco for foods and great refreshments and uhhh can I add the hot mens also? :D

  16. Great post, Alex!!
    Oh I loved Mexico a lot, too! My heart got broken there, loong story… Since then, I never returned. I hope I can go back there soon. The food is amazing indeed!

  17. Random Thought: A Mexican lover is perfect for you! :D

  18. Adore Mexico! Chichen Itza is beautiful. Can’t wait to see Teotihuacan.

  19. Glad to see that people, in this case European like yourself, can admire the beauty of our Mexico beyond the beaches and cervezas. There’s a lot more to like about Mex that most people can think of, glad you nailed down A LOT of them Alex.

  20. Great article Alex! I didn’t know about the magic zone or the sun dogs. I am going to research those more in depth.

    I can add many more reasons to love Mexico but will just point to the great prices and the diversity.

    If you want to keep discoving more about Mexico, you should take a look at the Mexico Desconocido magazine. You can subscribe thru Zinio or just visit their website to get great ideas and information. I am hooked on the magazine. They present a lot of cool places and articles.

  21. I love Mexico too, Alex! The diversity of people, landscapes, environments, and cultures is like no other country I’ve explored. Glad to see you giving it some love :)

  22. Mexico is definitely one of my favorites by far. The people, the food, the beauty, the history, it’s all amazing!

  23. 27. Mexican mujueres?

    actually the list can go on and on in my book too… let’s include Fiestas – celebrations, two hour lunches, the beaches, sunsets, cervezas, tequila and other agave spirits, and more… … yes, Mexico is filled with so much diversity and opportunity for adventure… every trip I find new surprises – and I go often. Ah, Viva!

    So, yes, it’s true Mexico is one of the best countries to visit in the world… Good answer.

    stay adventurous, Craig


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