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Captain Morgan party in Manila on the 16.11.2011

I arrived to Manila on the 16th November 2011 at lunch time. After some problems in Hong Kong, I was happy to get some afternoon nap and not really feeling like going to any party at night. But as me and some more travel bloggers (Mica from, Marky from, Monette from and Lauren from were invited as media to Captain Morgan party in Manila, launch of  a new brand of rum, I had to keep my word and go.

It was another blogger Jerik from who invited us there and big thanks to him. And you know how it is, sometimes when you don’t really want to do something, it turns out to be the best thing ever in the end. And it was the case of this party, too. I will remember it for very long time.Captain Morgan rum with ice

We arrived and registered. It was very nice to hear on my first day in the town at the entrance to the party ”Oh dear, I know you, you are a blogger.” Then we took one of those tables designed as ”media” and it really felt good to be media :) After a while, we got some free food and drinks – Captain Morgan with coke, ice tea and water. The food was great, first we got some kind of nachos that reminded me of my first trip to Mexico earlier this year, and I already started loving it there at the party. Then they brought us more traditional food, fish that was prepared straight in front of us, meat, vegetables and potatoes. Great to eat potatoes in Asia as I miss them so much from Slovak cuisine.

free Captain Morgan rum, coke and ice at Captin Morgan party in Manilatraditional Filipino food at Captain Morgan partyfree food at Captain Morgan party in Manilatuna fish at Captain Morgan party in Manila

The party time started. A sexy DJ girl was playing very lovely music, everyone started to dance when waiting for the Mr Captain Morgan in red. When he finally came, he made an amazing show, dancing all around the tables and picking up people to go to the treasure box. He gave us all a key so we could open the treasure box and get something from inside. Some people chose Captain Morgan bottles, some necklaces, hats or Captain Morgan’s head scarves like I did.

fun at Captain Morgan party in Manilafun and dancing at Captain Morgan party in Manilacrazy sexy fun traveler with Captain Morgan rum

The show was very nice and I really enjoyed it taking a lot of photos and videos, so did everyone else from the media. A lot of cameras everywhere.

Captain Morgan giving a key to treasure box at Captain Morgan party in Manilahaving fun with Marky from nomadicexperiences at Captain Morgan party in Manilacrazy sexy fun traveler with Mica, Lauren and Monette at Captain Morgan party in Manilacrazy sexy fun traveler with marky and Monette at Captain Morgan Party in Manila

Then I saw a very hot girl with a guy coming and saying hi to everyone. I knew their faces, just didn’t know where from. I found out it was Bettina Carlos  and John Avila. I was excited to see some famous people at the party (which meant the party was important if people like them were invited), so I told Lauren to go with me and take me a photo with John.

Bettina Carlos and John Avila at Captain Morgan party in Manila

But when I stood up, all of a sudden there was a big mess, too many people around and it was then when I saw two extremely hot guys in front of me. So I was like, ”Lauren, take me a photo with them first.

crazy sexy fun traveler with Hideo Muraoka and Daniel Matsunaga

Turned out it was Hideo Muraoka and Daniel Matsunaga (the boyfriend of Heart Evangelista, a famous Chinese – Filipino actress), both Brazilian-Japanese models famous in the Philippines as ”Brapanese”. So obviously, I took a photo with them and then one with John Avila, too :)

crazy sexy fun traveler with John Avila at Captain Morgan party in Manila

The party was so much fun and in the end I made friends with Hideo as he is such a cool guy, so later more pictures came :)

crazy sexy fun traveler with Hideo Muraoka and Lauren Gaile at Captain Morgan party in Manilacrazy sexy fun traveler having fun with Hideo Muraoka at Captain Morgan party in Manila


Captain Morgan party in Manila was for me together with the Bloody Night Con event in Barcelona  the best parties of 2011. Thanks again for inviting me :)


  1. Comment@ Ralph:
    Thanks so much for the offer, Ralph ;) There will definitely be more visits to the Philippines ;)

  2. Hi! It’s great to hear that you had fun in the Philippines!

    Hope there’s a second visit for you soon!

    By the way, I sell properties here in Manila and all throughout Philippines. If ever you or your fellow travelers need a place to stay in while you’re here or even have it rented out while out of the country, kindly let me know:)

    Thank you very much!


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  4. Comment@ Kay Rodriguez:
    Oh yes :) No complains about this party at all!

  5. The Philippines!!! Always a party :)

  6. Comment@ Nomadic Samuel:
    OMG, you can’t imagine how much fun I had at that party :)

  7. That looks like a lot of fun. I heard you had a great time with Mica :)

  8. Comment@ Ada Lajara:
    Of course I did, who wouldn’t? :)

  9. I see you really enjoyed having pictures taken with some models and celebrities hihihi! Enjoy your stay here Alex! <3

  10. I am very happy we all met there and had a great time! My first night in Manila really could not be better! Hope to see you all guys again, even though I am not sure if I will have time before I leave the Philippines!

  11. ’twas great meeting you, alexa! :) i had a blast! i just have to say that i have not been drunk for a really long time. then came captain morgan… see you again soon! :)

  12. what does a smiling pic of mine doing in the post? haha had a great time too, the rum was a late in kicking had a mild headache the next day….lets do this again before you leave the Philippines….yes Valerie Concepcion is hot and the other actress (forgot her name) the “kitikitext” girl from that famous tv commercial before.

  13. I’m glad that you really had a blast on your first night here in Manila :D Woohoo! <3


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