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You all know my favorite European country is Spain (of course when I don’t consider my native country Slovakia.) And the region I admire the most is no doubt Catalonia. Not only Barcelona is my number 1 city in the world, but there’s hundreds of small towns and villages hidden in the mountains or spread along […]

Expenses when traveling – 6 months 2015, 8 countries, 14 flights, 2.828 euros

There’s three things I keep hearing from people that really annoy me: 1. that I must be super rich to travel around the world2. that I must have sex so often3. that being a travel blogger is the ideal job because I do nothing but relax Sorry to wake you up from your dream, but NONE of […]

5 things to do in Wellington

While Auckland in New Zealand is the gateway to the beaches of the North and Queenstown is the place thrill seekers and adventurers throng, Wellington shouldn’t be overlooked when visiting New Zealand. Teeming with delightful little-known experiences, Wellington could well be a paradise for these seeking things beyond scenic views and adventure trails. Below mentioned […]

Best Museums in Ireland that You Must Explore!

When you are travelling abroad, what are the places that you usually visit? Oftentimes, most people prioritize the picturesque natural landscapes, theme parks, or restaurants of a foreign country. But aside from these places, you should also add museums to your itinerary, especially if you are taking a trip to countries such as Ireland.Museums aren’t just […]

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Alex is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life. In 2010 she quit her stewardess job and hasn't stopped traveling ever since. Her motto is ''I live to travel, I travel to live.'' She writes about crazy travel, fun adventures and sexy photos.

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