Kerala Backwaters Houseboat trip – day 1 relax, sunset and paddy fields

Kerala Backwaters houseboat from Kollam to Alleppey Lake & Lagoons (99)

When I first heard of Kerala state when we started planning our trip to India, everyone kept talking about the Kerala Backwaters. Honestly, I had no idea what it was all about until I checked it very briefly on Kerala Tourism website. Ok, so you mean like a river or a canal, right? I thought. But Kerala […]

Puerto Jimenez facts and photos – a small town in Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Puerto Jimenez Osa Peninsula (20)

Puerto Jimenez is the main town of the Osa Peninsula on the Southwestern coast of Costa Rica. Puerto (port in Spanish) Jimenez (a common Spanish surname) is located right on the Golfo Dulce which translates to Sweet Golf. To get to town you can take a ferry, an airplane from San Jose, the Costa Rican […]

Raw vegan diet for beauty – Hidden Garden workshops

raw vegan diet Hidden Garden workshops (18)

Hidden Garden is a hidden accommodation in Puerto Viejo town in Costa Rica. Not only is Puerto Viejo area one of my favorite destinations, but Costa Rica is overall the second dearest country to my heart, just after Mexico. Once you are in Central America, it is easy to get around mostly by buses or […]

Starfish Beach Bocas del Toro – paradise sea stars, clear water and white sand

Starfish beach Bocas del Toro (11)

Have you ever heard of Bocas del Toro islands? The bull’s mouth, as translated from Spanish, are definitely nicer than their name suggests and in my opinion truly belong to the list of the places to visit in Panama. There’s a few ways to get to the islands and you find the way that fits […]

Divine time at Divi and Tamarijn Aruba – All Inclusive hotels Aruba

Divi & Tamarijn All Inclusive Aruba (149)

 After spending 9 days exploring the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis in February 2013, I was invited to Aruba island as they were happy with me being happy on St. Kitts (except the incident when my phone clock changed the time zones and I was 40 minutes late for dinner with the Minister of […]

Important Costa Rican medicinal plants – Hidden Garden workshops

Costa Rican medicinal plants at Hidden Garden workshops Puerto Viejo

Back in May 2014 during my last weeks of stay in Costa Rica, my second favorite country in the world, I revisited Puerto Viejo area once again. I got there again on a Caribe Shuttle bus from Bocas del Toro islands like I did the first time. To find out more about how to get […]

Training Muay Thai at Legend Thai Boxing with Putpatnoi legend

Legend Thai Boxing Gym Bangkok (17)

After spending our first day of learning Muay Thai in Bangkok at the Petchyindee Academy, on the second day we are picked up by vans and taken 20 minutes to the Legend Thai Boxing gym. A huge silver statue of a kicking Thai boxer is waiting for us in front of the main door and I just […]

Learn Thai Boxing – Muay Thai at Petchyindee Academy Bangkok

Muay Thai Petchyindee Academy Bangkok (34)

Together with other 7 bloggers from different countries we had a chance to train Muay Thai in Bangkok for a week. Our first day we were taken to the Petchyindee Academy, one of the most important thai boxing camps in the Thai capital. I had no idea what to expect from the whole trip and […]

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