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Conejos beach – the beach of rabbits, playboy or something else?

I spent two days in Huatulco located in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It was not planned at all, I was supposed to go from Puerto Escondido straight to the town of Oaxaca, but everyone was saying I could not miss it so I changed the plans a little bit and came over to Huatulco for 2 days.

And it was one of those great decisions one makes. As soon as I got out at the bus station, there was the nicest Mexican guy ever asking me if I wanted a taxi. Unfortunately, that ride was not the one I needed haha. Anyway, just his smile meant I was going to like the place.



My first day in Huatulco, after 3 hours at the swimming pool I decided to change the place but keep on sunbathing so I went to a beach called Conejos. Only people living in the area can get to the beach, unless you come swimming from another beach close.



Conejos beach means the beach of rabbits in Spanish. Where the name came from? There were no rabbits at all when I visited. I bet there were never any rabbits. I only saw many lizards with brown head on the way to the beach. And something else as well. But slowly from the start:

After 10 minutes of trying to climb the wooden steps to cross the forest and get to the beach, I totally destroyed one of the flip flops and had to finish walking barefoot. In the middle I was already swearing to myself why I chose such a difficult way to get to a beach if there are another 35 beaches in Huatulco. When I finally got up all the steps, I got a view of a small beach with not a soul there. Nice kinda yellow sand and no waves. After huge waves in Puerto Escondido and Acapulco, I was amazed. Finally I could swim. But most of all, a beach only for myself, worth the climbing :)



Wow, I started jumping high when I realized there was going to be no one to disturb my swimming or sunbathing. After ages I decided to get rid of the top of bikini there as it is usually forbidden at the beaches of Mexico. Anyway, during the third jump of happiness I stepped onto a piece of wood, shouted ”ouch” and woke up. The change of the plan was very quick. The whole beach was surrounded by like 150 workers constructing the new houses on the hill above the beach. No sunbathing topless, ok ok I keep it white there (how I hate it!)



Three times I entered the sea without any fear of leaving me without the bikini as happened in Zihuatanejo, and fell asleep. My sweet dreams were interrupted first by shouts of the workers trying to speak English, but I tried not to listen to them. After half an hour I opened the eyes and saw many many little things running along the beach. I thought I was still dreaming or saw wrong. Stood up, took the camera and started running after the little creatures. They were hell faster.



I think the workers had a great laugh at me as obviously they saw me running up and down the beach, kneeling down, trying to take a photo, then standing up again and swearing in Slovak, and then doing it all again for like an hour. Just imagine.



The little animals were the small crabs. I always considered crabs very slow, maybe because the big ones are. But these little ones, maximum just 3 centimeters each, were so fast and so smart I was shocked. My every attempt to get closer, kneel down and take a good photo was unsuccessful as with any little movement all the crabs disappeared in the sand where they came from.



The Conejos beach was full of the little holes in the sand from the crabs. Twice I was pretending I was asleep to let them come closer to me so I could take a great snapshot of them. Did not really work out. They disappeared before my camera focused them. However, the photos here are the best ones I managed to take.



I felt like a child running after the fast little crabs. Sometimes such a small thing can make you so happy. And some others (the workers), too. In the end, I enjoyed the adventure with the crabs. But  unfortunately, I think the workers would have enjoyed more watching a topless girl and getting paid for work, than watching me running like crazy and then having to buy a Playboy. I will never forget the beach. Nor all the lizards in the forest on the way to and from the beach.



This trip to Conejos beach was a press trip organized by WTS Huatulco which is a company that helps you with anything you need for a great vacation in Mexico. Many thanks to them, they became my family! However, all the opinions in the post are honest and just mine.


  1. It was, trust me, and even better that
    apart from those crabs, I was there just by myself :)

  2. Great pictures! Looks like an awesome beach.

  3. Thanks Charly for having me :) Kisses to my new family :)

  4. no nemam lahke tury, ale aspon sranda, som sa nasmiala z tolkych krabov :)

  5. to si musela liezt po drevenych schodoch,tie tvoje tury su nebezpecne,a tie potvorky mi pripadali ako netopiere,cha az potom ten zaber,ze je to krab

  6. Dear Alex, Great story and I’m glad we could have you as our guest….. the boys would definitely LOVE to make you PART OF THE FAMILY hahahahaha =) One last favor though, could you change the link on your web page for this one since it’s the easiest one for people to get to know us for the time being while we develop our URL…. Thanks, Charly, Erika, Gio & Saaid

    Our link is :!/profile.php?id=100000007078804

    P.S. The boys want to know why you didn’t write about them =) and post their picture they sent you yesterday ? You have our authorization.

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