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Crazy, Stupid, Love and Sex and the City – or how I got over the break up

I bet you are familiar with the fact that I went to the USA for the first time in my life and it was to be with my boyfriend. And you know as well that after a week there, the night when we got to New York City we broke up. And on my facebook you saw that I was left in a really bad situation there in NYC when I only had the accommodation for the next 5 nights but still missing another 12 nights until my return flight back home to Slovakia. Well, let me tell you the truth. I was fucked! I was so stressed like I hadn’t been for a year and a half just before I decided to quit my stewardess job, go to Mexico and dedicate my life only to travel blogging.

So that was me … alone in NYC … just knowing 2 people from internet who live there … so it was me with no idea about how metro works or what to see and do in NYC as it was the first time in my life that it was not me planning the trip but my boyfriend.

LESSON 1 LEARNED – do everything yourself if you can! I have to admit that I was a bit scared of New York City. It was supposed to be a messy busy city. And I didn’t know much about it. I did not do my research. And it was probably the only place in the world I was fearful of … I don’t even know why!

But in the end I put my life together quickly, I shook it all off and showed everyone what my mom keeps saying (literally) -



Yes, it all started like Crazy, Stupid, Love. I was crazy (or be honest and let’s call me stupid) to come to the USA because of love … because of a guy who didn’t appreciate that. Yeah, love is blind!

But New York City and Boston turned out to be my cities! After a short while there I felt like I belong there. It was super easy to get by. And for me it was like in a movie. I did feel like in a movie in the US myself every day. And NYC and Boston were like 2 movies for me: Crazy, Stupid, Love and Sex and the City.


Easy answer! The start of the story I could easily call as Crazy, Stupid, Love and then the end of it was more than Sex and the City.

I was in beautiful Hotel Giraffe having some snacks. Out of the blue a sexy guy appeared in front of me. And guess what! He looked like one of my favorite sexy actors Ryan Gosling (the main actor from Crazy, Stupid, Love movie)!!! I could not close my mouth when staring at him. I mean I wasn’t sure if it was him as he had a beard, but as he lives in New York City, it could be possible! I went to Google images and started comparing them to the guy in front of me. Well, he was dressed in the same way and wearing the same sunglasses. He smiled at me when I was leaving. Sometimes you don’t need much to be happy, right? I think it was not Ryan himself as I believe he is more sexy than the guy I saw but still I was like in seven heaven for the rest of the day.

Oh yeah, LESSON 2 LEARNED – there are better fish out there in the sea, why to be sad about just one of them???

Unfortunately, ”my Ryan” saw me when I was trying to take a photo of him, so just have this not nice one, sorry!

my Ryan Gosling in Hotel Giraffe in Manhattan

my Ryan Gosling in Hotel Giraffe in Manhattan

And then Sex and the City movie? First, I took a Sex and the City tour and visited a few places from the movie. Pleasure Chest … a rabbit vibrator? :D

Pleasure Chest from Sex and the City movie

Pleasure Chest from Sex and the City movie

Then, we had a swimming pool girlie party with my friend Lola to celebrate my Independence Day from my boyfriend. We spent hours chatting about guys, so it was like in SATC movie, all that girlie talk about men!

celebrating my Independence Day with Lola

celebrating my Independence Day with Lola

And then I pampered myself in AIRE ancient baths in Manhattan, also did some shopping and walked a lot the NYC streets like Carrie in SATC (I was just not that fancy). Of course I couldn’t miss the chance to go up the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, visit museums and take a cruise as a guest of CityPASS. So the City part of Sex and the City movie was obvious in my getting-over-the-break-up-fast story.

crazy sexy fun traveler on top of the Empire State Building

on top of the Empire State Building

crazy sexy fun traveler on the Top of the Rock looking at the Empire State Building

crazy sexy fun traveler on the Top of the Rock looking at the Empire State Building

the Statue of Liberty at sunset seen from Circle Line Cruise with CityPASS

the Statue of Liberty at sunset seen from Circle Line Cruise with CityPASS

How about the sex part then? I know you are dying to know this but I leave it to your imagination :D

LESSON 3 LEARNED – New York City rocks!!! So do some New York guys :D

LESSON 4 LEARNED – travel bloggers are supercool! Thanks to my new amazing friend Lola of Lola’s Travels I was able to enjoy a weekend at the beach – oh yeah, Cape Cod! And you know how much I love beach :)

But let me just tell you … Even though my first US trip began as Crazy, Stupid, Love … it ended up in a much better way – like Sex and the City! I was treated like a princess by my friends, also in all the Library Hotels and during the tours I took. I am so over my ex boyfriend!

LESSON 5 LEARNED – you can enjoy break up and have fun when getting over it!

being treated like a princess in Hotel Giraffe in Manhattan

being treated like a princess in Hotel Giraffe in Manhattan


And like the new advertisement all over NYC right now says, VIVA VITA!

Viva Vita advertisement

Viva Vita advertisement


  1. My time with Lola was the best part of that trip :)

  2. Alex you are super strong, being left alone in NYC?! Nothing for you, love the picture with Lola!

  3. I’m glad you were able to turn that lemon of a situation into lemonade! I got caught in a similar situation a few years ago. I had just gone through a break up and immediately booked last minute flights to visit my friend in Florida. While there, that friend’s grandmother sadly passed away, so she had to fly to her funeral overseas. I was stuck in Florida, all by myself fresh after a break up for two weeks. I ended up making the most of it though, and had one of the most memorable trips of my life. Fierce girl power! ;)

  4. Comment@ Jo (The Blond):
    Aw, I had no idea! I hope you will be fine asap and enjoy freedom :)

  5. Well done girl! Although, I’m currently going through a divorce, which is much more traumatic, I still understand when you say that a break up can be fun. I’ve never felt so free in my life :)

  6. Comment@ Jonathan Look, Jr.:
    Definitely yes, many amazing people … but some idiots too! Unfortunately :)

  7. As someone that recently went through a breakup I can sympathize. It is an amazing world full of amazing people; that is the best lesson I have learned from travel and life.

  8. Comment@ Callie:
    Yeah, I wanted to jump on him! :D

  9. Cheers to sexy Ryan Gosling lookalikes – sounds like a fantastic trip!

  10. Comment@ lola:
    Yeah, things really happen for a reason and I am so happy we met Lola and spend time together. Cannot wait to TBEX either :)

  11. i love this post Alex! 2 of my favorite movies. life is so funny. some of the best things can come out of the worst moments. i hate that you had to be sad for one second but i am so proud of all you accomplished while you were here. i know it wasn’t easy but you sure did make it look that way. that ex of yours is a crazy fool but he gave me the opportunity of a lifetime in getting more time to spend with you and bring us together as friends :)

    can’t wait to see you in 2 months!! miss you lots!

    xoxo – lola


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