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Danuta’s Holistic Healing in Bocas del Toro

When visiting Bocas del Toro for the second time, I kept falling in love with the islands over and over again. One of the reasons was also the people I met there and the way they treated me. Aw, not to forget the spa treatments I could get there :)

I’ve never had any Reiki nor any of those healing treatments, always only massages. But this time, I decided to give it a try as every day I find more interest in the holistic health.

And finding Danuta’s Holistic Healing at Genesis Creativity House on the South Avenue on Isla Colon (the main island of Bocas del Toro) was what I call destiny :)


Already from the very common name, I knew that Danuta was from Poland. As soon as I stepped into her house, I was filled with energy. Danuta’s humble smile, open heart and light surrounded me very quickly and I knew I was at the right place. We bonded at the very first moment, it felt like hugging my own mum, no kidding. Such a sincere honest hug from heart.


We walked upstairs and I got amazed at the view – you can see the marina and boats riding around, so peaceful with the boats running around and the Sun shining. One day I want to have an open room with awesome view like that in my house, I just decided.


Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (15) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (16)


Then, Danuta gave me comfy clothes to change – a pair of pants and a T-shirt – made me feel like at home and I lay down on the mattress on the floor.


Let me tell you … it was the first massage I’ve ever got when I stayed with my clothes on :)


I concentrated on the very relaxing bird music and I could also hear some water flowing.



Zen Shiatsu

What Danuta did with me was Zen Shiatsu with healing energy combined. After more than 20 years of practice, Danuta doesn’t use all the techniques in the strict order the way she learned at the first courses in Israel or Thailand, instead she does what each person needs so all the massages are very individual, still following the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.


Danuta just softly moved parts of my body pressing with hands, first laying on the belly, then on my back. It was far away from a deep issue massage I am used to, stretching was super gentle. I so could feel all the energy coming from Danuta’s hands, it was incredible. They were warm but not burning hot, just felt so right. I allowed myself to relax and fully indulged in.


Danuta used home-made chamomile oil for my hands and feet to deepen the experience … She chooses this type of oil as it relaxes the muscles and doesn’t have a very strong annoying smell – but I so could smell it and it felt awesome. I always remember smell as one of the details from places I visit which brings me back to how I felt when I was there.


At the end, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep until I heard the tibetan bowl ringing to open the chakras – she did 4 of my chakras, from the 1st one to 4th heart chakra as those were the ones I needed to open the most on that day.


Once done, Danuta just checked out with a pendulum  if I had all the chakras open or needed any more energy healing. It turned out I had something in my 6th third eye chakra so she pressed there in the middle of the forehead to open it. What a release! :)


Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (1) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (2) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (3) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (4) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (5) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (6) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (7) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (8) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (9)


Danuta focuses not only on Zen Shiatsu, but does also Thai foot massage, Ashiatsu Bar and Reiki so my next visit to the Genesis Ocean Front Studio was for a Reiki treatment a few days afterwards.


Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (14) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (19)


I had no idea what to expect from a Reiki session as I’ve never had it done. But it’s definitely one of those things I am interested in more and more.


I was not feeling very well when I got there but I did not tell Danuta anything about it at first. It was like a test, I wanted to see if she really knew what she was doing. And trust me, she is a real Holistic Healing professional.


I lay down on a table and for the next hour I just let go of everything. Danuta walked all around me a few times using the vibrational energy to put my body, spirit and mind back in balance. And it so worked. A few minutes only were necessary to change my mood and make my body rest. I kept my eyes closed throughout the whole treatment so I could focus better on the energy flow coming from Danuta’s hands.


I needed that energy to cure my headache and nervous mood.


”We are done. You can sit slowly now. How do you feel?” Danuta looked at me with a worried face. ”Is there still something I should fix?”

”I feel as if I had a stone in the middle of my forehead. Been 2 days already and I have no idea why.”

”Yeah, I could feel it there really strong, a different kind of energy. Let me do one more thing.”


I lay down again and Danuta pressed a few points around my head and hands and let go off the odd feeling at the top of my head.


”OMG, what have you done? I want to learn that.” I screamed. The invisible stone from the place of my 6th and 7th chakras was just gone.


”If I can advise you, and I know you are one of those people who will listen to my crazy witchery, wear a red string on your wrist/ankle and each time you feel like you need some kind of protection, pretend you are inside an egg. The eggshell is your home from now on.”



Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (13) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (17) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (18) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (20) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (21) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (22)


My last visit to Genesis Creativity House was finished with a little aerial yoga just to stretch as there are also some workshops of aerial yoga at Danuta’s Holistic Healing house sometimes. OMG, that aerial yoga thing is just hilarious! I need one of those, way better for chilling out than a hammock!


Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (10) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (11) Danuta's Healing Holistic Therapy (12)


I opened my eyes into the new adventure. Danuta is such a cool happy person. Her positive attitude, clean mind and open heart just shine metres away and as soon as you meet her you know you will leave completely changed. I found myself jumping around like a happy kid when leaving her place three times when in Bocas del Toro.

Frankly, I felt like flying after Danuta’s Holistic Healing Treatments. I left the Genesis Ocean Front Studio like a new-born baby with no problems on my shoulders, a happy baby enjoying the challenging world.



Thank you very much, Danuta for ”fixing” me :) You have no idea how much of a positive impact you had on me. The treatments were part of my Adventure and Spa project. For more information, please visit Danuta’s Holistic Healing in Bocas del Toro.


  1. OMG, you have no idea, I can still feel it, TJ :D

  2. Wow, really interesting and thorough post! Feeling like flying afterwards must have been pretty awesome :)

  3. Oh yes, a way that did work :)

  4. That sounds so cool and def. a different way of healing yourself!

  5. Comment@ Erwin:
    Thanks Erwin for your comment :) I might go back in 2 weeks again :)

  6. Yes she is great,I’m blessed to be able to work under her studio and may call her my friend ! Maybe see you soon back here lol !

  7. Oh yes, and I need another one of those right now again :D

  8. This treatment seemed to be exactly what you needed … glad you enjoyed it!


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