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Getting to know NYC with funny Sex and the City hotspot tour

Just a day and a half after my break up when I just arrived to NYC, I took a tour around Sex and the City hotspots with On Location Tours – the world’s largest TV and movie company. I was really tired and not in the mood before I got to the pick up place – Pulitzer Fountain at 5th Avenue between 58th and 59th Street.

But as soon as I got there my mood changed and I was happy for it. Our guide for that day, Staci, was sarcastic, funny and sassy and really made me laugh all the time with her stories from Sex and the City.

We hopped on the bus and started the tour. As it was my first time in New York, it was a great way to see some cool places and start to orientate in there a bit.

On Location Tours bus in NYC

On Location Tours bus in NYC

During the 3,5 hour tour we saw many hotspots from Sex and the City movies and even if your memory fails a bit, Staci showed us the movie clips on TV screens on the bus that were filmed at the places we visited.

The tour started at the Pulitzer Fountain and Plaza which was sort of a goodbye plaza in SATC – where Big and Natasha had their engagement party and Carrie said those famous ”your girl’s lovely, Hubbell”. The quote is originally from the movie The Way We Were and was said there by the actress Barbara Streisand.

Then we drove the 5th Avenue and saw where Carrie and Co were shopping in SATC2 and also we passed outside of Tiffany & Co where Trey proposed to Charlotte and she just answered the odd ”alrighty” – not what you would love to hear as the answer.

We drove by the Public Library too where Carrie was supposed to get married but never did and the place were Carrie snapped Big with flowers (she hit him there while filming a few times, poor him!). Public Library is a location of many other movies, such as Spiderman or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

New York Public Library featured in SATC too

New York Public Library featured in SATC too

Then at 29th Street with 5th Avenue we saw the Little Church Around the Corner (the way they called it in SATC) where Samantha resisted her first man ever, Friar Fuck :D

Little Church behind the Corner in SATC

Little Church behind the Corner in SATC

We also passed outside of the ABC Carpet & Home store (a store with 7 floors and a restaurant) where Charlotte, Trey and Bunny fought about a new bed to buy.

We had a chance to see the famous Coffee Shop and the Blue Water Grill restaurant where Charlotte had a date with an aggressive guy, and Union Square with her dog Elizabeth Taylor funny story.

The Coffee Shop in NYC from SATC

The Coffee Shop from SATC

Our first stop in the NYC heat was the Pleasure Chest where Charlotte got her pleasure ”Rabbit” vibrator and where you can get any sex toys :)

Pleasure Chest from Sex and the City movie

Pleasure Chest from Sex and the City movie

In the Meatpacking District we visited the restaurant Buddakan where Carrie and Big had their wedding rehearsal dinner.

crazy sexy fun traveler in Buddakan restaurant

in Buddakan restaurant

inside Buddakan restaurant - place of rehearsal dinner of SATC

inside of Buddakan restaurant – place of rehearsal dinner of SATC

As well we took a 30–minute walk through Greenwich Village boutiques at Bleecker Street and enjoyed a delicious cupcake from the famous Magnolia Bakery where Carrie and Miranda had some gossiping about Aidan and Steve (a very sweet courtesy of On Location Tours). Greenwich Village feels more like a neighborhood of NY, not a center of Manhattan, it is more quiet and with no skyscrapers.

Michael Kors boutique on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village

Michael Kors boutique on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village

famous Magnolia Bakery

famous Magnolia Bakery

a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery - a courtesy of On Location Tours

a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery – a courtesy of On Location Tours

Sex and the City tour took us outside of Cowgirl Hall of Fame (Hudson with Charles Streets) where Miranda and Carrie met their ex boyfriends; and also NYC Sports Club where Miranda had to exercise with kids; the little street where Carrie got mugged. Also other hotspots from Sex and the City, such as Sushi Samba, D & G, Pastis, Cirpriani Downtown, Madison Square Park, Paul Smith, SoHo, Tortilla Flats, Two Boots, Scavolini and many more.

Our last stop was Onieal’s Speakeasy, SCOUT bar of Steve and Aidan’s in SATC. We could get Cosmopolitan drinks there during our short visit.

in Onieal's Speakeasy called SCOUT in SATC

in Onieal’s Speakeasy called SCOUT in SATC

Cosmopolitan drinks in Onieal's Speakeasy

Cosmopolitan drinks in Onieal’s Speakeasy

Sex and the City hotspots tour passed by Hotel Giraffe too (where I stayed myself) and whose penthouse was featured as Carrie and Big’s apartment in SATC2 :)

On Location Tours

It was really exciting to see all those famous locations from Sex and the City movies in person. The tour is very interesting and we had a lot of fun. It was really cool to get to know NYC during the tour. It even helped me to get over the break up!

If you are a fan of SATC, visiting NYC you should definitely take this tour. On Location Tours offer other movie sites in both NYC and Boston if you are interested (e.g. Gossip Girl, Sopranos etc.)

And if you take a tour with On Location Tours, you will get some discounts for places, such as Pipino Salon, Michael Kors store or Vamoose buses.

My On Location tour was a press trip. All the thoughts in this article are my own. For more information, please visit On Location Tours website, On Location Tours facebook or contact them via On Location Tours Twitter.


  1. Thanks Daidri. The tour was a lot of fun, indeed ;)

  2. What a great tour! I am a huge SATC fan and how interesting to see a city based off a movie/show that was filmed there. Such a creative way to travel. I was happy to hear that it brought you some laughs amongst your sadness. :)

  3. Comment@ Micamyx|Senyorita:
    Hahaha really? I didn’t know that :D I miss you both too!

  4. I can testify to Jason’s addiction to Sex and the City. He brought some DVDs during our Ilocos trip! Miss you two! :P

  5. Comment@ Montana The Explorer:
    Haha Jason, I thought of you when I took the tour :) I remember when we spoke about SATC when in the Philippines :)

  6. This blog is for me because im a huge fan of Sex and the City. Hope i can join the SATC tour soon ! :)

  7. Comment@ Tiffany @ theUnimaginedLife:
    Yep, it was fun :) I am glad I took this tour!

  8. How fun! I love Sex & the City!

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