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Win $3,300 holidays to Thailand and save elephants with Travel Blogging Calendar 2014

Do you remember last year when photos of famous half-naked travel bloggers flew around the world? Remember when we stripped off for travel blogging calendar 2013? I bet you all had fun looking at our fun mostly uncovered bodies in different destinations on different continents. I am really sure you did. But this time we decided to vary a little bit to reach even bigger amount of people and most of all do even more for a good cause.

This year together with another 23 bloggers we agreed on helping the innocents. Many of us have visited Thailand and like thousands of tourists every year we had to check from our bucket list things like an elephant ride or a tiger cuddling (I also did in Tiger Kingdom, not that I liked what I saw there though.)

Similarly, I rode an elephant in Kanchanaburi in Thailand and no matter how fun it seemed at first, I could feel the pain of the elephants, the not-so-great treatment and the very unnatural life of elephants in captivity. I was not aware of what was really happening there when I visited. It took me some time to investigate about how elephants are treated in many parts of Asia. Many of my travel blogger friends had the same experience so we decided to say STOP and help now. Every little bit helps.

The photo you see below was taken a few years ago before I found out more details about elephant tourism in Thailand. It was WRONG to ride an elephant the way you can see on the photo. I did it once but learned my lesson. It was a mistake and I participating in Travel Blogging Calendar 2014 I want to show other tourists how they should not be part of the elephants-in-chains tourism in Thailand. There’s a different way of treating elephants that this … and the Save Elephant Foundation is one of the good examples.


The next photo is what we want to avoid … it’s simply NOT what we were trying to promote.


elephant ride Kanchanaburi


What charity are we helping?

We are partnering with Save Elephant Foundation and 100% of the funds raised will go to them. The Foundation has reached the capacity – we want to help them so they can build shelters for new elephants. Another reason why we are doing this with Travel Blogging Calendar 2014 is to show the tourists traveling to Asia how to choose ethical travel operations. There’s never enough education in this field and bringing awareness is the key.


What is Travel Blogging Calendar 2014?

Travel Blogging Calendar 2014 will not be an actual calendar you can hang on your wall like last year. If you donate in 2014 you will get the access to unique blog posts with great photography about holidays, festivals and religious celebrations somewhere around the world, a sort of a digital calendar. If you donate, you will also get monthly newsletter to keep updated about the fundraising process.


What can you win?

Helping out elephants in Thailand with your donation is not everything you can do. Besides, you will automatically enter a draw to win $3,300 holidays to Thailand! One lucky winner chosen on random by Rafflecopter will get $2,000 Flight Network voucher to use for flights to Thailand plus an 8 day trip for 2 including hotels, transport, city tours and a day visit to the Elephant Nature Park run by the Save Elephant Foundation to which you are donating – the 8 day trip is donated by a niche travel agency Where Sidewalks End.

Donations of $20 receive 10 entries. Once they’ve donated, they can earn more entries by sharing on social media through a Rafflecopter widget. So the more times you donate, the bigger the chance you can win holidays to Thailand for 2! How about buying the calendar to a friend or a family member? They would definitely love helping the cute elephant babies and if they won they could take you to Thailand with them!

The winner will be chosen at the beginning of March.


My friend Jeremy of TravelFreak went to the Elephant Nature Park himself to see what is really going on there and how we will help the elephants. He also took the photos I attached below. Look at the lovely elephants! They do deserve our attention.


IMG_9257 IMG_9262


Here you can find out more about Travel Blogging Calendar 2014.

Please be good and go to make a donation now.


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  1. I agree :)

  2. Always worth fighting a good cause!

  3. Love to hear that you had a great experience in the park, Tim.

  4. Thank you so much, Mike! Really appreciate it :)

  5. Thanks, Drew! Hope you can spread the word out about this ;)

  6. Amen Alex!!! You know my view so..I am very happy to see this from you! Happy holidays to you as well :) ) ~

  7. I love elephants! I too got to ride one in Thailand…and, fed it some sugar cane afterwards. This is a great cause…I will help ya spread the word. :-)

  8. I went to the Elephant Nature Park two weeks ago when I visited Chiang Mai. Awesome experience and well worth the support


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