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Where to stay on St. Kitts – Marriott St. Kitts

When I was invited to St. Kitts, I had no idea what to expect there. But already on the way to Marriott St. Kitts where we were going to stay for our first 3 days on the island was a good sign.

Basseterre, the capital, is just a short drive from Marriott which is located in the famous Frigate Bay just 6 km from the airport. Yay, relax time by the pool to beat the jet lag was the first to-do!


Things I loved about Marriott St. Kitts:


  • my huge room – I had a bedroom, bathroom, living room and a balcony all for myself only. The bed was very comfy indeed, the luxurious bedding was so worth it and I enjoyed the bathtub with spray jets too. You know, I had to travel blog from it and thus keep my habit of doing so all around the world. And a very cool image of a red-faced monkey in the jungle was hanging out on my hallway wall :)


Marriott St. Kitts (1) Marriott St. Kitts (2) Marriott St. Kitts (3) Marriott St. Kitts (6) Marriott St. Kitts (21) Marriott St. Kitts (22) Marriott St. Kitts (23) Marriott St. Kitts (25)



  • birds singing at my balcony – every morning and even at sunset, I sat there and spent some time listening to them.


Marriott St. Kitts (7)



  • amazing view of the swimming pool – there’s 3 swimming pools at Marriott St. Kitts so depending on where your room is situated, there is no need to go to the main pool in the middle but you can jump into the outdoor pool North or the one South. There’s also a swim-up pool bar to use in the main pool but I preferred to do some swimming and sunbathing. The great thing about Marriott is that even when it is full (it was almost sold out when we were there), you didn’t feel there were many people around you as the hotel property is really vast.


Marriott St. Kitts (8) Marriott St. Kitts (9) Marriott St. Kitts (10) Marriott St. Kitts (24)



  • located on a secluded beach in the Atlantic Ocean – not overcrowded at all, great for walking along it at sunrise which is what I did in the first morning of our stay. There is nothing better than feeling sand on your bare feet again! How extraordinary it feels to get to the beach after cold winter months!


Marriott St. Kitts (11) Marriott St. Kitts (12) Marriott St. Kitts (13) Marriott St. Kitts (14) Marriott St. Kitts (15) Marriott St. Kitts (16) Marriott St. Kitts (17)



  • cuisine – both healthy and less healthy options but always delicious. There’s more restaurants and bars around the property offering different kinds of cuisine. We ate in the Calypso restaurant and also dined at La Cucina specializing on Northern Italian dishes and world-known wine. The dinner with cooks preparing fresh meals you order right in front of you was an unforgettable experience. For breakfast I enjoyed oat meal with blue berries and a lot of fresh fruit and also tried fresh local sweetbread and my favorite fried bananas.


Marriott St. Kitts (4) Marriott St. Kitts (5) Marriott St. Kitts (18) Marriott St. Kitts (19) Marriott St. Kitts (20)



  • free high-speed wifi all around – I could tweet my relax photos from the pool or make people jealous showing off the delicious meals we were eating at the restaurant right when it was happening.
  • Emerald Mist Spa – I had a refreshing full-body massage to cool down the little sunburnt I had and I was really grateful for the peace and quiet time on the massage bed as my masseuse let me indulge properly in the moment without a lot of chatting. I felt like a brand new person when leaving the spa!


Marriott St. Kitts spa (1) Marriott St. Kitts spa (2) Marriott St. Kitts spa (3)


  • spinning and fitness center, golf club
  • decorations, palm tree and fountains all around
  • local products sold
  • casino – I guess you should have noticed if you read about my Las Vegas experience that I do not gamble myself but a friend of mine who stayed at Marriott St. Kitts loved trying his luck at the casino.

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My trip to St. Kitts and Nevis islands was part of Adventure and Spa project organized by the St. Kitts Tourist Board in the collaboration with Marriott St. Kitts and Emerald Mist Spa. All the opinions in this article are my own as usual.


*** It took me 4 hours to write this post.


  1. Thanks Tina, nice to see you agree with me :)

  2. Everything is beautiful, the island, the beach, the hotel even the food looks delicious.. Definitely a place to visit if you have time.

  3. Sounds like a plan for you, Laura :)

  4. Of course Marriott on St. Kitts would be ideal for a beach getaway :)

  5. Thank for sharing, a great option for people looking to use points for a beach getaway!

  6. I have status and tons of Marriott points from work travel & meeting planning, and love staying at their resorts. This looks like a great one to add to my “top visit” list!

  7. Glad you like them :)

  8. Really amazing pics, thanks for helping us.

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