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Me at Tulum beach

With a friend we went to Tulum ruins and the beach for a day. I have to say the beaches of Tulum are one of the  most beautiful ones I have ever seen. They are proper places to relax, with very few people, great smooth white sand, some palm trees with shade and blue water. Still too virgin beaches.

The only thing I did not like over there were the waves as I cannot really enjoy swimming with the waves. But at least the wind helps you to feel fresh. Anyway, look at that beauty! I wish I was at Tulum beach again!


  1. Comment@ Anita:
    Yes, I have to agree :)

  2. Totally agree with you, Tulum with the white beaches and the Maya Ruins is one of the most beautiful places on earth :-)

  3. Exactly, I can’t stand waves!

  4. I’m the same way — I loove the ocean but can’t swim in rough waves! So envious of the people who love getting pummeled. They look like they’re having fun!

  5. Absolutely!

  6. Yeah- those sandy beaches are gorgeous!

  7. dakujem, naozaj tam bolo nadherne, dokonala plaz :)

  8. fakt biely piesok,ako zazrak,paci sa mi a aj ty si krasna

  9. Yeah, such an amazing place!

  10. We just left Tulum yesterday, fantastic white sandy beaches!

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