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Maltese bus

There are two very colourful things about Malta I really loved – buses and fishing boats. You can see them everywhere around Malta. Maltese buses are special, cute, cheap and fun.


  1. Comment@ Joshua @ Engineer on the Road:
    Yes, true! But they are not operating any more anyway :(

  2. They are super cute, but super hot on a sunny day!

  3. I saw the buses and are beatiful.

  4. I saw the buses just a couple of times during my 3 days in Malta and still miss them as well!

  5. Even though I live abroad, ever since my mum’s b’day in April 2009 … I do miss them busses….

  6. Yes, Chris, I know they were removed, that’s why I posted the photos.

  7. I see that this was posted not long ago … sorry to burst the bubble, but these busses are now gone :’(
    They have been replaced with the Arriva King Long busses, and the ‘old’ busses have been kept just for tourists, and hire.
    I loved the cranky busses with all the saints posted in the cabin, and the “Eat my dust” or “I wish you twice you wish me” on the back!!
    Those have gone, if not mistaken since July 2011 :’(

  8. Yes, they are :) Lovely!

  9. They’re so cute! :)

  10. Exactly, they fit the place :)

  11. Nothing says sunshine like a bright yellow bus in a place like Malta!

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