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Special spa treatments at Samasati spa

One of the main reasons why I chose to spend a week at Samasati Nature Retreat was their spa. I have heard some good things about it and you know me, of course I just had to try it to know for myself.

When staying at bungalow 4 with a great view of the jungle, one afternoon I decided to finally walk to the Spa house and get one of the treatments. The spa house looks awesome from the outside, there’s very nice things hanging out in front of the main door and the relaxing atmosphere can be felt already when smelling the lit incense sticks walking up the steps.

As my last 2 spa treatments were both light chocolate massages or just wraps, I needed a proper massage. Jasmine, the sweetest spa therapist from the US, advised me to get a deep tissue massage which is not only one of her favorite ones to give, but also maybe the most helpful one.

A lit candle and a very slow music, though not a traditional meditation one without any lyrics, were waiting for me in the spa room so I could forget about the outside world completely. I took off all my clothes, lay down on my belly first and covered myself with a blanket when Jasmine waited outside. The first thing I noticed was the softest massage face pillow I’ve ever tried!


Samasati spa Costa Rica (3)

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At first, I was worried that I would jump a lot on the massage bed as I haven’t had a massage for long and some points at my back can get very stiff after a while. But like I mentioned in one of the previous articles about my massages, if I do not get any unexpected jumping reaction, the therapist is good at what she is doing. And that was exactly the case with Jaz, as I found myself pretty relaxed.

The way Jasmine massaged oil (coconut oil, grapefruit seeds from the area mixed with rose water brought from the US) was in one continuous motion which reminded me of a similar massage I had at Spa du Verger in La Ferme hotel in Canada.

The neck massage felt awesome and then she continued with shoulder blades once she put a knee under my shoulder and arm. It was the first time I’ve ever had a spa therapist to massage my shoulder blades so high from the massage bed and not right on it and she also took decent time doing so. I’ve always had problems over there and wondered if Jaz could feel it :)


During the massage I learned more about Jasmine from California, who likes to both give and get massages. Her absolutely favorite massage to give is a deep tissue one.

”I really want to help people if they only let me. Many people can have a lot of health issues after an accident but also some mental or emotional problems get stored in the body and that’s exactly what I like to work with. Unfortunately, the majority cannot open themselves that much and that quickly either. You need to develop a certain level of trust first and it’s not easy if the persons stay here at the hotel for a few days only.” Jaz described how she would love to do more of chakra healing too.


Then it was time for the butt cheeks. Oh my! Once again I forgot how much it hurts at that part of the body. Afterwards, Jasmine paid a lot of attention to the calves too and the feet, gently massaging and also stretching. I could feel all the stones I stepped on when walking barefoot the previous days.

Once I flipped over to lie down on my back, Jasmine dedicated some time to massage deeply the ankles and the knees; then the arms (another reminder of how much I love arm massage!) Cleavage and the collar-bones were not forgotten either and Jaz, seated already, pressed a bunch of points there to release the pain. Shoulders and neck were taken care of as well. Jaz also put my head into the weirdest positions (at first they seemed like that) and then massaged my neck from below; and also lifted my head to stretch with me exhaling. Let me tell you, I was slowly falling asleep.


Samasati spa Costa Rica (4) Samasati spa Costa Rica (5) Samasati spa Costa Rica (6) Samasati spa Costa Rica (7)


Frankly, I left the spa as a new born person …


2 days after I decided I should get another treatment :D This time it was a mixture of a deep tissue massage with a chocolate facial, yay! And it was all done on the sweetest bed clothes full of colorful dots.

Jasmine massaged more the parts of my body that I asked her for – neck, upper back and feet. I think I twisted too much at one of the yoga classes so the middle back hurt me a bit and I jumped for a second when Jaz’s thumb touched one of the critical spots there. But as soon as she saw my reaction, she gave more time to my back muscles to adjust and changed both the way and the place of massaging in the meantime. A smart move!

From the first half of the massage I only slightly remember how Jasmine massaged my neck, back and then legs from the back side, then I fell asleep :D

When I had to turn, I tried to wake up a little bit to enjoy properly the cleavage, face and forehead deep massage.

Then I could smell the best thing on Earth – chocolate! And it was going to end on my face and neck, I mean is there anything better?! Heaven in the jungle!

Jaz put the organic chocolate all over my face, then kept massaging my arms and legs from the front with the coconut oil.

After a few more minutes when the strong chocolate smell was all around the room and entering to my body through every single cell, I had to take a shower. The super soft towel did make up for it but I still wish I could keep the chocolate on me until the end of my life! If you ever get a massage at Samasati spa, notice the cutest bath tub with candles next to the shower too! It looked so romantic.


Samasati spa Costa Rica (9) Samasati spa Costa Rica (10) Samasati spa Costa Rica (11) Samasati spa Costa Rica (12) Samasati spa Costa Rica (13)


Samasati spa Costa Rica (8)

Thank you so much, Jasmine for both spa treatments that were part of my Adventure and Spa project in Costa Rica. For more info about Samasati spa, check out Samasati website. 


*** It took me 4 hours to write this post.


  1. It sounds like a great massage. I am heading to Asia in just over three weeks and I cannot wait for all the lovely, cheap massages.

  2. Comment@ Meghan:
    It’s all the antioxidants that pure cacao has in it that make your skin smooth and nourish it :)

  3. That certainly sounds relaxing … but how does the chocolate massage work exactly?

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