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The craziest thing – skydiving in Gran Canaria

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Was it one of your dreams? Or just something that came spontaneously without even thinking properly before doing it? Or you just got drunk and did something crazy as many people? For me, probably the craziest moment was tandem jump.

I went to Gran Canaria in November 2009 for my birthday to relax from everything and everyone. Maybe not what one can imagine when it comes to celebrating a birthday. No parties, no alcohol, no people … just relax at the beach alone. Exactly what I needed. I went there for 6 days and stayed in a 4 star hotel with all inclusive. You know, I had to treat myself well at least once a year.  It was my birthday present, after all. Once I came there, I was checking all the possible leaflets to know what to see. I planned to swim with seals and dolphins on my last day, as it has always been one of my dreams.

But then on my 5th day, at the reception I saw a leaflet about tandem jump and skydiving. It’s something I was dreaming about for years. Something I had fear of, respect to but at the same time something I was dying to do. I called them straight away and booked it for the next day, it was Sunday so they had to come there just because of me, that’s why I did not get a student discount. But I’m one of those people who don’t really care about money if they want something. We live only once, right? So I booked the tandem jump and wrote on my facebook I was going to do it. I did not tell my mother though as I knew she would freak out.

The day D came and I guess people feel like I was feeling the whole day when they are high. So excited, like flying in the air. But even a better feeling came later on. Guys explained me everything, including the positions I have to stay at during different parts of the jump. Then we went to a small plane without any door which was very weird for me as a cabin crew. It was 5 of us. The pilot, me, my instructor I was attached to, the cameraman and the owner of the skydiving school. For 15 min we flew over Gran Canaria and I saw beginning of the sunset from so close. Then it all came when we reached 4 km height. I had to get out of the plane with all my body like lying in the air at the belly with the knees bent and calves up, and facing down the earth, with the instructor behind me still inside the plane. I have to admit, I was scared like hell those 3 seconds when I was at that position. I was asking myself WHY, why was I doing it???

Then we jumped and the answer to the ”why” came straight to me. We both screamed a lot during the free fall but it was releasing. Just to give you an idea, multiply an orgasm by 1000 times and it’s what you feel those 60 seconds of free fall. It was the longest minute in my life, I guess. Then the owner of the skydiving school followed us and he started moving us touching our legs and arms. We did not expect it as if you jump for the first time, it’s not the procedure. But it was unbelievable to move like this in the air and so easy. Then the instructor pulled the string and our parachute opened. Another different feeling came now to me for the next 5 minutes, so so relaxing watching the sunset over Maspalomas dunes, mountains and sea with Tenerife close. And then the landing at the beach. How do they know exactly where to land? Amazing! I was shaking for another 5 minutes, I still remember.

And my mother called me just after we jumped on the ground and I took off all the things of me, asking what the hell I was doing, as she saw it on facebook and said, I am totally crazy and out of my mind doing this and even spending so much money at something that can kill me. I know, maybe she was right. 370 euro for a couple of minutes of pleasure. But it was so worth it, for me priceless! Literally, I was flying above the sunset. Two things I love the most. The feeling I will never forget, the feeling I want to have again and again and I’m sure I will repeat the tandem jump soon. I’m even thinking of doing the training course and then jump on my own and do the proper skydiving. This is one of the things that make you feel like brand new and alive again. This is what I need.

Tandem jump in Gran Canaria was the best birthday present I could ever get. The best thing I could spend money for. The best minutes of my life. And probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done so far. But God knows what I do next.

And what was the craziest thing of your life, guys? Have you done skydiving?


  1. Comment@ Gran Canaria Local:
    Thanks for your opinion :)

  2. Great article. Gran Canaria’s more suited to active holidays than you’d think. It’s not only for the bucket-and-spade brigade.

  3. good description but not really sure about it!

  4. bungy was a such a thrilling experience that took the word fear from my dictionary!!!!! so try bungy for a diffrent experience

  5. paragliding is also great! never done bungy as I don’t like the idea of jumping with the head down

  6. one of my unfulfillde wish is skydiving but had not got a chance to do so, that’s why i have fulfilled my diving hobbies by bungy and paragliding……^_^

  7. Did it and would love to do it again!

  8. I’ve put my self forward for a charity skydive in March! So nervous about it :-)

  9. I’ve tried as well. I was making the 7 levels courses…. but i only get until the 3rd…. Is so difficult……. hahaha Check this at my blog: http://blogdeunviajero.com/archivos/curso-aff-paracaidismo/

  10. thanks everyone, skydiving is one of the best things I have ever done in my life :)

  11. Great video! Actually had butterflies when they looked down from plane and you were ready to jump.

  12. Not yet… looks like fun…

  13. We did it years and years ago and loved it.

  14. Thanks for your comment alex! :)

  15. Yes, but so awesome!

  16. Vi Travel Tips have u done it? Just 2 secs were scary for me, the rest was THE BEST! Sebastian Canaves-Börner hit by a car?? what? so sorry! u gotta do it! and i have to do it again soon too :)

  17. I once had my tickets in my pocket and got hit by a car a week before… So no, still waiting for the jump!! But I’m so keen on doing it soon!

  18. It is not at all :P

  19. Haha, i understand many people can be scared when they just imagine that! But sure u have to b careful when landing and keep the legs straight up!
    Oh, Mexico, it’s one of my dream countries!

  20. That’s amazing, no way I could ever do it. My sister goes all the time and my roommate in college went, unfortunately his girlfriend broke her leg on landing. My other roommate video taped it, and after that, no thanks! I did go repelling down a mountain in Mexico which was amazing and quite enough adventure for me!

  21. hey, thats great!!! I’ve been thinking about the same recently, but as I’ve been working only for 2 years now after the Uni, still don’t own much to sell :D But at least would be less difficult to leave everything and just go. Maybe we will meet somewhere on the way one day :)
    btw, like ur blog ;)

  22. I sold everything, packed up my truck and went on the adventure of a lifetime…documenting the journey along the way at http://www.MikesRoadTrip.com. I’ve been living on the road for six months now. Some say that’s pretty crazy. :-)


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