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8 things you didn’t know about a girl that travels

With my friends Lara, Jess from Trekking around with Jess Brown and Valentina from Valentina Rose Yoga we were talking over lunch at Blue Osa about relationships as Lara interviewed me about dating on the road.

Lara laughed like crazy when she remembered I published a post about 55 things my ideal man has to have (I mean, not even one, but 2 posts) and then our conversation turned to girls that travel. It was then when Lara brought up she wrote 8 things you didn’t know about a girl that travels and I decided to publish it on my blog, as I agree with all the 8 points, I love lists and the article topic also fits my blog. Plus, travel bloggers and relationships are never easy, so it’s good to find out more in case you were interested in a girl that travels …


My friend Lara Healy who put up this list for you is the girl behind The Barefoot Blogger. She left corporate America in October 2013 to travel the world and pursue her passions. Her blog documents her journey through yoga, vegetarian cuisine, and international gardening. Currently, she writes on location from Blue Osa yoga retreat in Costa Rica, where she is also the volunteer gardener.


The Barefoot Blogger in Hawaii

The Barefoot Blogger in Hawaii



There are certain things that are obvious about a girl that travels. She loves adventure. She’s outgoing and social. She’s up for exploring. She’s curious. She’s adaptable. She’s not materialistic. She’ll try exotic foods, go zip lining through the jungle, and ride an elephant. However, there is a lot more to a girl that travels than meets the eye. So don’t assume that you know everything about her just because she lives out of a backpack and has a passport crowded with stamps.


Here are 8 things you didn’t know about a girl that travels:


1. She’s strong and independent, but she gets afraid too – Just because she’s out there in the world doesn’t mean that she is immune to fear. She has her own insecurities. There are places where she feels unsafe, and there are people that she doesn’t trust. But instead of allowing her fears to hold her back she uses them as motivation. She views them as a challenge and chooses not to give power to her fears.


2. She’s been hurt in the past – Her heart has been broken; she has experienced pain or disappointment. She may have already healed, or she may still be working through it. However, she recognizes that traveling nurtures her soul and will heal a broken heart. She knows that her experiences on the road will require her to open herself up and be vulnerable again.


3. She doesn’t really get homesick – She knows that home is a great place and she loves the people back there, but she also understands that relationships are not determined by physical proximity. She also appreciates that some of the most potent and precious bonds in life are fleeting, and they aren’t meant to last a lifetime.


4. She’s free-spirited and easy going, but in the end, she wants things her way – Sure, a girl who travels understands the value of a compromise, but if she’s going to head out the world on her own, she probably has a pretty stubborn streak as well.


5. She’s emotional – She feels things deeply. She is moved by the beauty of a sunset, the laughter of a child, the melody of a song. She will cry when you least expect it, not because she is sad or hurt, but because she is so happy


6. She’s spontaneous and impulsive, but she still thinks about her future – She can jet-set across the globe at a moment’s notice, but she still has ambition and goals. She lives in the moment, but she is also committed to her achieving her dreams.


7. She falls in love easily and often – She sees the core of people and recognizes the inner beauty in those that cross her path. The kindred spirits she’ll meet on the trail capture her heart and will remain there long after they have parted ways.


8. No matter how far she goes or how much she sees she will always want to travel -She may stop in a place for a while, or settle down for a bit, but if she has the gypsy blood, the nomadic soul, then the distant horizon will always pull her – with the invisible, yet potent strength with which the moon pulls the tides – the foreign sands will always call her.


Lara Healy the Barefoot Blogger

Lara Healy – the Barefoot Blogger


  1. Haha same here, same here :)

  2. So true! I cannot help myself – my subtle smile approves everything I’ve just read. Even if I’m only on a road to become a “big traveler” (I would rather say wanderlust), I have to agree with all of that. Maybe it’s hard sometimes, but the feeling while travel cannot be described to everybody. And I fucking love this feeling! :)

  3. I agree with this totally! It’s like you were writing about me hehehe

  4. Julie, I so appreciate you mentioning this point as I believe one of the main reasons why people should travel more, is to open up more and see the beauty in details and be grateful for them :)

  5. Even if I’m not that kind of traveler like you, I think I can really understand and agree with these points. The part of seeing the inner beauty in those who cross your path made me think about how great would it be, if we all could do that. Maybe to travel more would help others? Or is it only about our mind?

  6. Comment@ lola:
    You can relate to the points, can you, my dear Lola? ;)

  7. Comment@ Glenn David:
    Everyone gets hurt, we all have feelings, so we get hurt even when traveling. There’s just ways of learning to deal with it :)

  8. wow does this ever speak to me! i love this!!

  9. She’s been hurt in the past – this point took my attention. Is it really? May be then its good as you’re now enjoying life in a better way than it could be earlier.. Stay happy :)

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