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Fun looking for wifi abroad

Today I was going through some old photos. I mean real photos of me, my brother and the rest of my family when I was a teenager. The ”real” printed photos I could hold in my hands, not just those online on facebook. Some of the photos were blurry, some had a finger in them that accidentally covered the camera where it should not … some even had strangers walking into the photos.

Do you still remember those days when we didn’t have digital cameras and we could only take a certain number of photos without even being able to check them out directly on the screen? It seems like ages ago!


It made me realize once again how much the world has changed. Incredibly much!


Nowadays, people are addicted to internet, to digital life. We need wifi abroad, not only at home all the time. In a way it’s a good thing as we get easier access to more information, we can broaden our horizon of knowledge and even talk to our best friends or family who are scattered around the world.


Being a digital nomad who has lived in 6 countries and visited more than 45, it’s one of the most difficult things for me ever if I cannot go online, if I cannot find wifi abroad. Part of my hobby is online, I get in touch with my dearest ones online, and I work online, too. Simply put, days without internet are like days without food.


lunch at Wahoo snack bar Posada Real


Frankly, sometimes it is great to disconnect. Digital detox can be one of the most precious moments ever when you are just forced to enjoy the present moment YOU are living the most you can. But it those years I spent on the road, the longest I’ve been without internet was my 12-day holiday in Egypt (and many people commented they would never survive that!), and then a week with just 2 online hours at Samasati Nature Retreat in Costa Rica recently.


But most of us, when we go on holidays, we want to post every single thing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Beach, cocktails at the bar, pool time, sunbathing, hiking, sunset, new friends, selfies in the bathroom … you name it.

And then comes the most important question of the entire trip …

Do you have wifi??

Most hotels do have wifi nowadays, but what if yours does not? What if they are behind or just want to force you to disconnect on holidays?

Sometimes, people do ridiculous things to find wifi. I just saw a hilarious Slovak Telekom video with a new idea – using the so called wi-fi dogs who can find wifi spots for you. Funny, right?


  1. Wi-fi dogs would be handy though … companionship and finding a great place to get online all in one package!

  2. Thanks, Desiree. I watched it a few times and always laughed :D

  3. I enjoyed watching the video, so funny!

  4. Comment@ Zoe @ Tales from over the Horizon:

    I know, right? Loved it too :)

  5. That was one crazy video. :)

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