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Celebrating 40,000 Facebook fans – Win 10 Printic photos

Hey all my loyal followers.

You might have been wondering where I was gone but I also needed holidays. So after 4 and a half months in Panama and Costa Rica, I came back home to Slovakia to visit my family and friends and I decided not to write any blog posts until July (today) as I needed to switch off too.

Yes, I needed vacations from vacations… what most of you would say.

I didn’t really disconnect as much as I would like to as I was still online, updating Crazy Sexy Fun Facebook status and replying to the most important emails. Yet, there’s still 789 emails waiting for me to go through. That’s what I call heaven on Earth! :D


Anyway, as you might have noticed, my following grew in the meantime.


I reached 40,000 fans on Facebook!!!


I would like to thank each and every one of you from all my heart.

I was jumping like a little kid the day I saw the magic number 40,000 there.


And to celebrate your support, I partnered up with a cool app Printic I’ve been using myself for a while to send photos from my trips home to my family.


Printic is a mobile photo printing service that allows you to order 8×10 cm vintage-style prints, the Box with 50 prints, the Calendar and the Book, directly from your smartphone!


I sent a few Printic photos to my mum back in Slovakia as she loves decorating my room with my photos :D


Printic app

Printic photos I sent home


Starting now, only until Sunday the 6th July (midnight Eastern European Time), you can enter this contest to win 10 Printic photos delivered free to your address of choice.


Only now you can WIN:

10 Printic photos with FREE DELIVERY :)


And to make it even better, we are giving 10 photos to 10 lucky winners, not just one!


Check out more about Printic on their website and download Printic App to your smartphone. It’s easy, fun and your friends or family will be the happiest ever if you send them an unexpected photo from your trips, guaranteed!

And if you don’t know who to send the photos to if you win, I would be more than happy to receive them and then share on my facebook. I love surprises from around the world and I am collecting photos and postcards :)

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*The contest is available to residents of any country.

**Printic does not deliver photos to most of the countries in Central America, Southern America and Africa yet. Please check out the countries first to make sure it can be delivered where you wish.

***You have to sign to Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler newsletter and like Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler Facebook fanpage together with Printic fanpage in order to enter the contest. All the other fields are complimentary and will gain you more points, thus a bigger chance to win :)

**** If you win, just choose the photos you want to send and at the end use the promo code.


Please share with your friends. They could win and send you some sexy photos from their crazy travel and fun adventures, too. You never know :)


  1. Thanks so much, Shailesh for reading my blogs ;)

  2. Nice blog. I’m regular reader of your blogs. Awesome articles you have been writting here. I really liked it and know the new places from your blog I couldn’t go there otherwise.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks so much, keep coming ;)

  4. nice.
    I am your old reader but commented 1st time.
    Awesome going.

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