Gratitude Journal

If I could give you just one tip on how to improve your life, it would be to practice gratitude.  Back in July 2013 I’ve started with a gratitude approach. I would say to myself at least 10 things I am grateful for every single day before I’d go to sleep. I’ve noticed a huge change in my life and also in life of others.

I remember that the first few days were pretty difficult.

No way I could find 10 things to be grateful for that happened on the same day! I still see the same reaction at every yoga class I teach.


”What? 10?” ask my new students.


The good thing is, that it changes very quickly.   My readers and friends, when seeing my occasional gratitude statuses on Facebook (I use #CSFTgratitude hash tag on Facebook) started sending me messages about how I keep inspiring them which is one of the main reasons why I decided to dedicate an entire page on my blog to my daily gratitude.

I have been practicing gratitude-before-bed for a year and a half already.

Every single night just after I lie down, I count 10 or more things that happened today I am truly thankful for. And as one of my goals in life is to motivate as many people as possible, I decided to make my gratitude journal public.  

I’ve heard that everyday gratitude makes you 25% happier 🙂

(Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, is an acknowledged scientific expert on gratitude. His findings reveal a host of benefits for those that adopt an “attitude of gratitude” and Robert is the one who found out that gratitude increases our happiness by 25%.)




  • finally got some sleep
  • relaxing day
  • went for a nice walk
  • sent some emails
  • snorkeled
  • yoga and meditation on the beach
  • saw a friend
  • washed my hair by the pool
  • 2-hour full body massage with coconut oil
  • amazing curry for dinner
  • did some important things in the evening instead of going out
  • got some tan
  • looked like raining but it was a very hot day in the end
  • young coconut
  • met up with a Slovak guy
  • tasty Thai vegan dinner
  • ice cream
  • walked a lot
  • went to 2 beaches
  • quick snorkel
  • did not eat much until dinner
  • 1 hour foot massage
  • got a sponsored hotel
  • didn’t get sick on the ferry like many other people
  • got safe and sound to Koh Tao
  • drank loads of water
  • took a nap
  • didn’t eat much
  • 5 pool laps
  • 1-hour foot massage
  • went for a walk along the beach
  • sent some emails
  • early bed time
  • Stayed in bed until 11 am catching up with sleep
  • Washed my hair
  • Walked a lot around
  • 2 young coconuts
  • Yummy fresh mango
  • Tasty veggies with rice for dinner
  • Had a 3-hour massage
  • Got to the bus on time
  • Listened to nice music
  • Walked barefoot finally again
  • Got safe to Dubai
  • Fresh fruit smoothie at the airport
  • Listened to really nice music at the airport
  • Had WiFi for a bit on the Dubai – Bankok flight
  • Chatted with a really sexy guy
  • Delicious vegan meals onboard the flight
  • Took a nap
  • Watched 2 cool movies on the plane
  • Got our luggage
  • Finally reached our hotel in Bangkok
  • Everything went smooth
  • Enjoyed a quick shower after 2 days


  • Slept a bit on the night train
  • The train arrived just a bit late
  • Took a nap at my cousin’s place
  • Petted the cute cousin’s dog
  • Got some sponsored products
  • Two tasty smoothies with acai
  • Had fun with my best girl friend
  • Wellness
  • Nice messages with friends
  • Called to my family
  • Got to the airport on time
  • Watched an interesting movie onboard
  • Really cool meal onboard
  • Had a safe flight
  • had a great laugh with my mum
  • had fun in a meter of snow
  • kissed my little cousin
  • visited my grandma after a long time
  • visited other grandparents
  • played with my dog
  • finished packing
  • got a new sponsor
  • backed up phone photos
  • had a great shower
  • thistle oil for detox
  • ate lentil soup for wealth
  • both trains were on time


  • sorted out some things with dad
  • enjoyed a short walk with loads of snow
  • green smoothie with berries and young barley for breakfast
  • sent some emails
  • finished a 5-page article for a Slovak magazine
  • acai bowl
  • started packing
  • a Facebook live video
  • a business phone call
  • watched a movie while backing up mobile photos
  • read some articles
  • mum helped with something and also made me dinner
  • thistle oil for detox
  • green smoothie for breakfast
  • acai with pineapple and cacao nibs for lunch
  • made poppy seed milk
  • wrote 4 pages for a Slovak magazine
  • helped mum with something
  • sold something
  • went for a walk
  • taught a 90-minute yoga class
  • watched a marketing webinar 
  • small dinner
  • sorted out some important things which seemed impossible
  • 15-hour intermittent fasting
  • freezing walk outside
  • loved the sun
  • sent important emails
  • booked cheaper accommodation for next week
  • taught 90-minute yoga
  • fresh salad with hummus for dinner
  • backed up photo and video files
  • listened to motivational and marketing videos
  • relaxed watching a comedy
  • started with a 21-day course to get what I want in life
  • scheduled more Facebook posts
  • loads of green tea
  • berry smoothie with young barley
  • sent some emails
  • printed out documents for the trip
  • went for a freezing walk along the river
  • wrote 2 blog posts
  • loved the cold sunbeams again
  • started packing
  • 70-minute yoga
  • mum made delicious dinner
  • watched a movie
  • went to bed before midnight
  • trip planning with dad
  • 15-hour intermittent fasting
  • made poppy seed milk
  • green smoothie with young barley
  • read through 150 emails
  • sent many emails
  • listened to motivational videos
  • learned new things
  • 90-minute yoga
  • fresh salad + hummus with hemp seeds dinner
  • stayed in bed for longer
  • smoothie with berries and young barley for brunch
  • helped my dad
  • went for a freezing walk
  • bought discounted groceries
  • made raw vegan poppy seed milk
  • copied things between hard drives and SD cards
  • downloaded some movies
  • did a Facebook live video about natural cosmetics I use
  • mum made awesome dinner
  • watched a movie before bed


  • short train ride
  • green smoothie with young barley for breakfast
  • apple cider vinegar
  • spent time with family
  • had a good laugh
  • enjoyed no electricity at my grandparents’ home
  • hot salt bath with essential oil
  • amazing food
  • incense stick
  • watched movies by the Christmas tree
  • no overeating at night as I ate more during the day than usual
  • thistle oil for liver detox
  • coconut oil pulling
  • 16-hour intermittent fasting
  • apple cider vinegar twice for better digestion
  • spent time with family
  • hugged my little cousin
  • helped my grandparents with cooking and cleaning
  • played with my cute dog in the snow
  • Christmas dinner
  • got 2 free lifts so didn’t have to take the train
  • posted Instagram stories from all our Christmas meals
  • relaxing evening watching romantic movies on the sofa
  • apple cider vinegar
  • received a new SIM card to use abroad
  • received a package of vegan natural cosmetics
  • fresh orange juice
  • green smoothie with young barley
  • went for a walk with mum
  • finished a blog post
  • helped my aunt with something
  • played with my cousin’s dog
  • taught a 90-minute yoga
  • relaxing evening
  • gave advice to a girl about health
  • apple cider vinegar
  • 16-hour intermittent fasting
  • green smoothie with young barley for breakfast
  • wrote 2 blog posts
  • made raw vegan poppy seed milk
  • sent some emails
  • 2-hour yin yoga
  • sold more ebooks
  • edited 2 videos
  • looked for accommodation for my Israel trip
  • thistle oil for detox
  • mum made amazing chickpeas with veggies for dinner 
  • got goosebumps from old music
  • scheduled more Facebook posts
  • 16-hour intermittent fasting
  • ginger tea with loads of spices
  • green smoothie for breakfast
  • recorded 3 videos
  • edited 2 videos
  • sent some emails
  • got a sponsor for vegan cosmetics
  • spent time with cousins I rarely see
  • a family birthday celebration
  • walked home with a big smile on my face
  • relaxing evening
  • sold more ebooks
  • scheduled Facebook posts
  • read a short ebook
  • stayed in bed until 10.30 am
  • fresh orange juice
  • nice walk
  • spent time with family
  • invited my parents for a coffee/tea
  • my grandparents and uncle came to congratulate me and have a laugh together
  • earned something
  • sold more ebooks
  • answered 50 emails
  • no over eating at all
  • apple cider vinegar for better digestion
  • watched motivational videos
  • filled in a survey to help a University research
  • read through translated documents about an ashram I visited to correct the grammar
  • reached 70,000 fans on Facebook
  • stayed in bed until lunch time
  • green smoothie with young barley at 1 pm
  • watched movies
  • relaxed on the sofa
  • laughed a lot
  • face masage with coconut + aloe vera
  • foot massage wit coconut oil
  • watched great concerts and sang with them
  • easy day
  • good food
  • ate lentils to have loads of money in 2017
  • worked a little bit on my laptop from midnight to 3 am because I couldn’t sleep

Gratitude journal January to July 2016

Gratitude journal from July to December 2015

Gratitude journal from December 2014 to June 2015


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    Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler


    Comment@ Tessa:
    Wow, impressed Tessa that you started your own public gratitude journal following mine 🙂 Good luck with everything 🙂


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    yara coelho


    What a funny timing to bump into this. I went through the most brutal break down in January. It was such a violent short depression i couldn’t feel grateful for nothing. Actually, back then, that word sounded like a joke.

    I forced myself into seeing at least 5 positive things every day, no matter how insignificant they were and be grateful for them. Then, i started adding other 5 things that i really want out of life, even though i still don’t have, but that i should already be grateful for.

    Wow, what a change! I can see all the great things i have and all the wonderful things awaiting for me. Feeling grateful for life, is one of the most powerful exercises I’ve ever done.


    • Avatar

      Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler


      Not so happy to hear about your bad experience but very glad it is getting better and that you found strength to find something to be grateful for. It always helps me in harder times, too 🙂


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