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eBook “20 Bláznivých dobrodružstiev”

Elektronická kniha 20 Bláznivých dobrodružstiev prináša 20 príbehov z 9-tich štátov sveta, na ktorých sa nielen zo srdca zasmeješ, ale zároveň sa aj niečo naučíš o kultúre a prírode. A tiež aj ako necestovať, alebo akým chybám môžeš ty sám predísť pri ceste do zahraničia. Alex už tie chyby urobila za teba, tak načo ich robiť zase :D

Svoje dobrodružné príbehy z ciest zhrnula do tohto zábavného eBooku Alexandra Kováčová, autorka tohto blogu Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler.

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Having the best time at crazy high zipline Slovenia Bovec

zipline Slovenia Bovec

The last time I visited Slovenia to do rafting and canyoning with Eurorafting, another adventure activity we did with my friend was also zipline. I’ve done zipline so many times at different places around the world, such as outside of Las Vegas, in Mexico, on Bastimentos island in Panama etc. But now when I think […]

Best health and travel ebooks

eBook Bloger ako zamestnanie

How to be fit when traveling Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to have better health? Do you also want to spend less time cooking? Do you want to have more energy? What about a sexier figure? Do you also want to have strong health which will let you do all the […]

Puerto Jimenez facts and photos – a small town in Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Puerto Jimenez is the main town of the Osa Peninsula on the Southwestern coast of Costa Rica. Puerto (port in Spanish) Jimenez (a common Spanish surname) is located right on the Golfo Dulce which translates to Sweet Golf. To get to town you can take a ferry, an airplane from San Jose, the Costa Rican […]

Starfish Beach Bocas del Toro – paradise sea stars, clear water and white sand

Have you ever heard of Bocas del Toro islands? The bull’s mouth, as translated from Spanish, are definitely nicer than their name suggests and in my opinion truly belong to the list of the places to visit in Panama. There’s a few ways to get to the islands. Personally, I took a van my first […]

Caribeans chocolate Puerto Viejo – chocolate making process and tasting

I remember very well the Caribeans chocolate from the first time I visited the Caribbean beaches of Costa Rica back in 2012. So revisiting after 2 years and not going to the Caribeans shop for some chocolate was just mission impossible. This time I even went on a chocolate tour with Paul when staying close by […]

My plans in 2014 – the year of big changes

Crazy sexy fun traveler, Natalia Jakubcova photography

As some of you following my Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler Facebook have noticed, a good number of my statuses in 2014 were not so positive as usual. I know, I still tried to write down a few things I am grateful for every night to inspire many of you too as almost every day someone […]