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Best experiences for Myanmar holiday

Bagan Balloon Hanoi

When planning Myanmar holiday, many may think about a mysterious country, studded by shimmering pagodas yet this stunning country has more than that to offer. From world spectacular Mergui Archipelago to the picturesque Inle Lake, from photogenic Ubein to magnificent Putao mountain, it is always difficult to pick up the most impressive things you should […]

Horizont Resort wellness – a romantic wellness hotel in High Tatras with the best massages

Horizont Resort wellness hotel is a perfect getaway for all those who are looking for relaxation with unforgettable views of the High Tatras, the highest mountains in Slovakia. I have to say that the High Tatras are my favorite mountains in my home country and I’ve been there dozen times. We used to go there […]

Vada Pav is one: Know other 5 interesting foods of Mumbai

The city that never sleeps, the city of dreams, i.e. Mumbai has diverse cultures and culinary experience. There are many street foods that are available throughout the day and night in this city. If you are travelling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai check for lowest flight fares from Ahmedabad to Mumbai well before and book the […]

30 things you did not know about Crazy sexy fun traveler

There was this challenge going on Instagram where you got tagged by someone who asked you to post 5 things we might not know about you. My Crazysexyfuntraveler Instagram was tagged by 3 different people over 3 weeks. Each time someone tagged you, you should post instagram stories telling your followers some ”secrets” about you. […]

Visit Ancient Shrines

Some of the world’s best and earliest architecture, sculpture and artworks can be found in the ancient shrines and temples of the world. For as long as men have roamed the earth they have sought to praise and appease their deities, and to honour their dead, and in so doing have raised lavish buildings in […]