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Easy beauty tips for female travelers

As a female traveler I know it is not easy to travel and still look like a woman without scaring everyone you meet on the road. It is a difficult task especially when backpacking as we try to take as less stuff with us as possible. After backpacking for longer we, smart girls, learn how not to pack with us 10 different kinds of face cream, 5 different body lotions and another 10 things. We learn to take just 5 pieces of cosmetics and use other methods to stay good-looking while traveling.

I personally have a couple of beauty tips I use myself not only when backpacking but while at home, too. They are not only cheap but usually easily accessible in the most countries in the world and I would use all those things anyway for my meals which makes it even easier.

1) if you don’t have a hand cream nor face cream, then for dry hands and dry face skin you can use avocado. After you eat avocado, there is still some left on its inside skin that you can just put on your hands, face or anywhere else on the body. Avocado is rich in minerals and A and B vitamins which hydrate the skin. Avocados saved my hands and face from the strong wind in Patagonia while hiking. It was very useful not to carry any face cream, hand cream nor body lotion and just after eating avocado apply it on the skin.

applying avocado on my legs in El Chalten in Argentina

applying avocado on my legs in El Chalten in Argentina

2) for any cuts or any places where your skin hurts, the best thing to use is aloe vera. In many countries there’s aloe vera plant easily found and you can just open a leaf and get the juice to apply on the cut. Without aloe vera I would have so many bad scars all over my legs as being a clumsy is not easy when traveling :D Aloe vera is also good for dry nail cuticles.

3) Olive oil is still one of the best things for dry hair. Backpacking, spending time at the beach and on the Sun and doing many things destroys our hair and there is never enough time to deal with it when on the road. And backpacking girls don’t go to the hairdresser’s, right? So we have to find a better way to make our hair look like normal girlie hair and not like rasta hair.  It just needs a couple of minutes on the hair before you wash it off to make it smooth.

Olive oil is also a great cleanser and moisturizer and women knew it already hundreds years ago. There is olive oil in almost everywhere nowadays, even in the hostels/hotels/restaurants so you can always get a bit and just put it on your hands. It even protects your skin against the UV rays.

If your hands/ feet are superdry, there is a supereasy cure for that. Just put olive oil on them and gloves/socks for the night. You will see a miracle next morning.

4) For swollen eyes there are 2 good tricks: the first one is to use cucumber slices or cucumber skin on eyes (its vitamin C and caffeic acid cools down the swelling around the eyes and moisturizes your skin); the second trick is to apply used tea bags to reduce the inflammation. Don’t forget to put the tea bags to the fridge first for a couple of minutes. During both, cucumber and tea bags, your eyes have to be closed :D

If you don’t have tea bags nor cucumber, you will always have a spoon, right? The easiest thing is to cool the spoon down in the fridge for a bit and then just place on the eyes. It will help the puffiness. Honestly, anything cold from the fridge would work, too.

5) The fastest and the easiest way to get rid of dry lips is by applying honey on them. You can always get it with your tea in many restaurants and then just let it get you silky kissable lips within a few minutes.

6) For sunburnt aloe vera is good. But in case you don’t have it, you can always apply white fat yogurt or sour cream from the closest grocery store. You need to put fat on your skin for a faster renewal.

7) If your nails are dirty/yellow/black and you want to whiten them up, lemon is the cure. Once you use the lemon for cooking/tea, you can just put your fingernails inside the left lemon for a bit. It will even make your nails stronger.

8) If you don’t have a nail file with you (I usually forget it and need it always when I don’t have it), I learned that you can just rub the nail along the jeans seam.

please make me human

please make me human


Do you also use any of my tricks? What other beauty tips you have that we can use while traveling?




  1. Haha olive oil is great for almost everything :)

  2. Great tips. I’m loving the idea of the Olive Oil socks… I think I know the destiny of the next pair of socks I find in my in flight pack on a plane!

  3. defo do that, Dima Zemsky :D

  4. Ha, a guest post, perhaps? ;)

  5. hm u r right, what beauty tips u have Dima Zemsky ? :P

  6. But what about us? Discrimination!

  7. Comment@ Jo (The Blond):
    Hm that’s very weird indeed. Could be pesticides or something I am not aware of. Never happened to me yet.

  8. The jeans trick sounds interesting. I need to try it out.
    I tried the cucumber once, but for some reason my eyelids got really swollen, and I don’t have any allergies. maybe it was because of the pesticides?

  9. te festejaron con mucha fiesta? en morelia, cuando vienes a mexico?

  10. todo bien, Adrian, estoy en Eslovaquia ahora, y tu?

  11. Comment@ Brenna:
    Brenna, try it! Aloe vera is my saver :) Good luck!

  12. Hi Alex!

    Thank you so much for the tips! I’ve only just begun backpacking, but I think I’m gonna go crazy just thinking about what I need! My face honestly breaks out if I go backpackish on it for a few weeks. I’ll try these tips. I think the aloe vera is definitely something that I’ll totally be able to use.

    Hoping to meet you someday on the road? :)

  13. Comment@ Melody:
    Manu people use them after they travel with me so at least I can share them this way :)

  14. I love these tips! I will probably use them even before I go travelling next! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Comment@ lola:
    Yeah, I use that one for the puffy eyes very often :D And they all help me a lot :)

  16. i LOVE these tips. the only one from the list i’ve used is the puffy eyes one. i HATE when i cry. (well who really likes it?!) it causes my eyes to look like a frog. it’s crazy!! these remedies have helped me. :)

  17. Comment@ Tiffany:
    Do so and let me know they worked :)

  18. great tips! I’ll definitely have to try some of these next time.

  19. Comment@ elena:
    Yeah, coconut oil is great too but not that easy to get, unfortunately!

  20. great tips!

    try Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin , coconut oil … does wonders for your health, skin and hair..

    But I think the best beauty secret of all is -

    Confidence, passionate heart and humble soul …

    love & light


  21. Comment@ Lindsay:
    Yeah, milk works too Lindsay :)

  22. Love your tips! I also use milk on my sun burnt skin as well-really works!

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