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”I live to travel, I travel to live.”


This travel blog was created by me, Alexandra Kovacova, on the 30th September 2010 and have been my full-time job already since March 2011. Since then my blog becomes more popular every month and its audience keeps increasing by thousands of readers.


The owner, the author and the photographer of the blog, a crazy Slovak girl Alexandra Kovacova, is mostly a solo female traveler who has been traveling around the world for more than 13 years and thus fulfilling her biggest dream. She continually contributes to this website a few times per week with travel tips, photos, videos, travel information, advice, travel stories, personal experience and much more. As you can guess from the name of the travel blog, it is all about crazy travel, fun adventures and sexy photos, plus healthy lifestyle.



More than 140,000 people follow me on my social media channels :)


Social Media statistics from November 2020


Traffic Statistics – on average in 2018 – 2020

  • Unique visitors per month: 10,000 to 80,000
  • Page views per month: 15,000 to 230,000


Alexa Site Statistics from May 2016

Since Alexa bis now a paid website, I do not track my stats there any more. Hence the last stats are from May 2016 when it was still for free.

  • Alexa ranking global: 70,813
  • Alexa ranking in Slovakia: 522
  • Alexa ranking in Costa Rica: 253
  • Alexa ranking in Norway: 6,549
  • Alexa ranking in Sri Lanka: 7,428
  • Alexa ranking in Sweden: 12.097
  • Alexa ranking in Mexico: 11.518
  • Alexa ranking in Philippines: 11,658
  • Alexa ranking in Australia: 27,889
  • Alexa ranking in UK: 38,794
  • Alexa ranking in Canada: 43,035
  • Alexa ranking in USA: 111,535  
  • Average time spent on website: approx. 11 minutes
  • External sites links: in 1,759 +
  • PR: 4 (used to be 4 before Google stopped indexing PageRank in general)
  • Klout score: 70
  • Page Authority: 54
  • Domain Authority: 46
  • mozRank: 5.27
  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor according to Alexa: 8.7
  • Daily Time on Site according to Alexa: 11:31


In the Travel writing section you can find out where else Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler has appeared (other websites, interviews with me, articles, TVs, radios etc.)


enjoying the amazing Perito Moreno glacier



According to readers of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler blog tend to be more females from 25 to 34 years old, college educated, with no children and browse the site from home. Female 55%, male 45% on the blog, the opposite on Facebook Fanpage. The rest of the visitors are male of all ages.



The demographics change every month a bit, but as the travel blog is written in English, the main countries the readers come from are mostly those were they speak English.



Readers from Slovakia (my home country) are always in the top 10 countries from which people are reading my blog. The other countries vary a bit, but usually there’s U.S. in the top 3 as my blog is in English.


According to Google Analytics, readers of Crazysexyfuntraveler are mostly between 25 and 34 years old.

55% of my readers are women and 45% are men.


The TOP 30 countries my blog readers come from: USA, Philippines, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Malaysia, India, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Czech republic, Mexico, Serbia, Netherlands, Italy, France, Indonesia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Switzerland, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Japan, Romania, Belgium and Hong Kong.


Demographics of readers from top 10 countries from the 3rd September 2017 from Google Analytics:



Demographics from May 2016 from Google Analytics:

CSFT demographics may 2016-page-0



Demographics from March 2015 from Google Analytics:

CSFT demographics june 2015-page-0

CSFT demographics August 2014 3-page-0


My Instagram statistics

  • I usually post 1 to 7 posts on Instagram per week
  • I get from 40,000 to 70,000 impressions per week
  • I reach more than 4,000 IG accounts per week
  • My IG account is seen more than 1,700 times per week
  • 60% of my followers are men, 40% are women
  • Most of my  IG followers are 25 to 34 years old, then the second biggest group is 35 to 44 years old. The overall age range is from 13 to 65+
  • I have many IG followers from Slovakia, United States, India, United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Czech Republic
  • TOP cities my followers come from: Bratislava (Slovakia), London (United Kingdom), Snina (my home town in Slovakia), Prague (Czech republic), Kosice (Slovakia)


Target of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Most of the loyal and engaged readers are those who are really interested in travel, as well as photography and videos, who do travel, find the reason of life in traveling, go on holidays often, or who are just thinking about traveling and planning their trips. Many of the topics are covered on the blog, including:

  • luxury travel
  • travel in style
  • adventure travel
  • sports enthusiasts
  • wellness, spa, swimming pools, massages – relax vacations
  • yoga and healthy lifestyle
  • raw vegan courses, vegan products (both food and cosmetics)
  • crazy fun adventures
  • beach holidays
  • eco-tourism
  • archaeological sites
  • boat, ship, airplane travel
  • travel accommodation
  • travel photography
  • travel videos
  • travelers
  • gap year students
  • solo travelers
  • female travelers
  • traveling with friends and family
  • travel blogging
  • quit their boring job and start traveling
  • travel around the world
  • dream about travel
  • travel tips about places to visit and things to do
  • trip planning
  • domestic Slovak holidays
  • international travel


Crazy sexy fun traveler mountain biking


Reader testimonials

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler is inspiring people to travel, plan their trips and also dream about traveling if they cannot travel themselves right now. The travel blog as well makes people to visit the same places and do the same things that Alex has written about

Here are some testimonials of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler readers:

” Inspiration! Living my life through you while I can’t travel myself! And you have such a great way of writing!” said Ida from Denmark.


”Alex, you put a lot of yourself in your blog, which really makes it much more “real.” Many bloggers write about interesting places, but leave out the life stuff, making them rather dry. You don’t have another one of those dry blogs saying “I was here and here and here.” It would be great if we cross paths sometime in our travels. Besides you are inspiring to bloggers like me, who are struggling to carve out more time to write and dream of finding that freedom someday. You also make me fondly miss my Slovak friends!” said Andrew from the USA.


”Found your blog through Wandering Earl. Really enjoying reading through your journey in Chile. I plan to move there very soon and hopefully find a job as an English teacher. Anyway, look forward to hanging out here more often” said Amit from India.


”I must say, you truly inspired me with your travels and adventures. You are living my dream, which is to travel and go to places I dream to visit one day. I’m from the Philippines and I just started my passion in travel when I accidentally bumped into one of the hidden beaches here..I realized, the world has so much to offer. There’s one article I’ve read from you about being stuck in front of the desktop and complain about life, that’s just so true. You are such an inspiration for new peeps like me.. I hope you could visit here in Phil, I’ll be happy to join you on the road. Be safe and Keep those great articles coming!” said Jazz from the Philippines.


”Your blog is fresh, fun – just like you! Your stories always make me smile :)” said Leyla from Canada.


”Reading my dear friend’s blog “Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler” gave me the courage to pursue my dreams and passion. The fact that she’s the one who inspired me to quit my job and pursue my passion long term traveling is such a big deal and risk I took . One heck of a crazy decision but now I am more free-spirited and spontaneous in life because of her :)” said Jason from the Philippines.


”I can see the world via the similar eyes like mine” said Jana from Slovakia.


”You have great sense of story telling, simple and clear. The writings clearly coming from your heart touch the heart of blog followers like me. It’s inspirational too. Keep up the good work” said Vinay from India.


In Spanish: ”I just found your blog and I really liked it. Espero que regreses pronto a Mexico y en especial a Oaxaca de donde soy originario. Buena suerte en todos tus viajes, estare al pendiente de tus posts.” said Martin from Mexico.


In Slovak: ”Ahoj Saška :) Tútu stránku som našla v podstate náhodou cez Seattle´s travel a už len čo som ju otvorila, som si všetko čítala s otvorenými ústami a s iskrami v očiach :) Mám 20, akurát som doštudovala 5-ročku, hotelovku a o mesiac oficiálne štartujem svoje túlanie po svete a začínam v Holandsku, kde budem rok pracovať ako au-pair. Okrem toho mám len skúsenosť so Španielskom, kde som žila pol roka a také tie klasické dovolenky. Ale akonáhle som začala čítať to tvoje… ochhh :)  Po skončení práce au-pair by som chcela ísť študovať do Nemecka a môj naj naj naj sen je pracovať ako letuška, čo si už absolvovala… Chcem Ti povedať len to, že si môj najväčší vzor, každý článok na tvojej stránke doslova hltám a želám ti čo najviac úspechov, nech sa ti splní všetko čo si želáš do poslednej bodky, nech si šťastná a ďakujem ti strašne moc za takúto úžasnú inšpiráciu!!! Good luck!!! :) ” said Susi from Slovakia.


crazy sexy fun traveler snorkeling around mangroves


Press trips and partnerships

Alex attends press trips regularly every month. She has worked with many tourist boards, PR agencies, travel agencies, hotels, hostels, apartment rental companies, local tour guides, transport providers, spas, clothes and jewelry brands etc. in different countries around the world. You can find the full list of all the sponsors here.

Some of the press trips Alexandra plans herself and attends alone, some are planned by tourist boards for her only, some with other bloggers/journalists and the rest are group press trips.

Alex writes about all the press trips she goes on with photos (sometimes with videos too), publishes them on Crazy Travel Fun Traveler blog and shares on all her personal and blog social media sites.



Some of the press trips I attended:

  • Vung Tau in Southern Vietnam February 2020
  • Tours in Tenerife, Spain in November 2019
  • Jizerske hory, Czech republic in August 2019
  • Zahorie, Slovakia in May 2019
  • Visit Carpathia around Poland and Slovakia in September 2018
  • Zitny ostrov (Rye island) in Slovakia in August 2018
  • different wellness hotels around Slovakia and Czech republic in 2018
  • Levoca and U Leva, Slovakia in June 2018
  • Thermal Sirava, Horizont Resort, Slovakia in June 2018
  • Aquaworld Budapest in May 2018
  • Central Slovakia – 5 days with Central Slovakia tourist board in April 2018
  • Yoga teacher training – a 25-day training at Preksha yoga ashram, Goa, India in March 2018
  • Deccan Odyssey luxury train, India – a week with the Ministry of Tourism o India in March 2018
  • Rodrigues, Mauritius – a week trip with Rodrigues Tourist Office #rodriguestourism
  • Iceland – 4 days of trips around Iceland in November 2017 with Trablin and #TISiceland
  • Romania – 2 weeks of traveling around Romania with Experience Romania in October 2017 #experienceromania
  • Maldives – 27 days in September and early October 2017
  • Kosice region in Eastern Slovakia – big #UNESCOnadosah campaign in June 2017
  • Jerusalem in Israel – March 2017
  • Eilat in Israel – March 2017
  • Kuala Lumpur – February 2017
  • Thailand – January 2017
  • Karlovy Vary, Cheb, Loket in Czech republic – November 2016 with Czech tourism and campaign #K700
  • Philippines – October and November 2016
  • Eilat in Israel – September 2016
  • Finnish islands – July 2016 #Finnisharchipelago
  • hotels in Slovakia – March, April, May 2016
  • Bali – November 2015
  • Phuket and Northeastern Thailand – October 2015
  • Palestine and Israel – August and September 2015
  • Neamt county, Romania – August 2015
  • Russia – May/June 2015
  • Costa Brava and Costa Daurada, Spain – May 2015
  • Bucharest – April 2015
  • Ayurvedic spa – March 2015
  • Kerala Blog Express trip – March 2015
  • Oasis Sens Cancun – October 2014
  • Playa del Carmen – October 2014
  • Divi & Tamarijn, Aruba – October 2014
  • Xcaret, Xplor, Xoximilco, Xenotes – September and October 2014
  • Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok – September 2014
  • El Taj Oceanfront, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya with Housetrip and Viator – September 2014
  • Salamandra and Sliezsky dom hotels – July and August 2014
  • Hidden Garden – May and June 2014
  • Congo Bongo, Tierra de Sueños, Cariblue Hotel , Puerto Pirata Deli, Chile Rojo – May 2014
  • Blue Osa – March 2014
  • Panama City, Embera Tribe, San Blas islands, Bocas del Toro islands – February 2014
  • Ottawa, Quebec, Mount-Saint-Anne, Montreal – June 2013
  • Niagara Falls – June 2013
  • Peterborough and Kawarthas – June 2013
  • Teotihuacan, Taxco, Cuernavaca – May 2013
  • Baja California – May 2013
  • Exploring San Francisco – April 2013
  • Las Vegas and Grand Canyon – April 2013
  • Mediterranean MSC Preziosa cruise – March 2013
  • Caldes de Malavella and surroundings trip – March 2013
  • Costa Brava trip – March 2013
  • Adventure and spa on St. Kitts and Nevis islands in the Caribbean – 26th Feb to 6th March 2013
  • Spa vacation in Bratislava – February 2012
  • Adventure around Liguria with Turismo Liguria – October 2012
  • Surf and Turf trip around Costa Brava with Costa Brava Tourism – September 2012
  • Nuria Valley with Costa Braca Pirineu de Girona Tourism – September 2012
  • Geo and Medieval trip around Northern Portugal with Porto and Northern Portugal Tourism Board – September 2012
  • Exploring Budapest with Hungary Tourism – September 2012
  • Adventures in Low Tatras with Stupavska Krcma v Snine – August 2012
  • Exploring Cape Cod with Cape Cod Tourism – July 2012
  • Exploring Boston with Charles River Boat and 40 Berkeley – July 2012
  • New York City attractions with Citypass – July 2012
  • Sex and the City hotspot tour with On Location tours – July 2012
  • Exploring Bratislava with Be free Tours – June 2012
  • Sailing around Bocas del Toro with Bocas Sailing – May 2012
  • Yoga in Panama with Bocas Yoga – May 2012
  • Rafting in Costa Rica with Exploradores Outdoors – May 2012
  • Adventures on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica with Terraventuras – May 2012
  • Uyuni salt flat with Oasis tours – April 2012
  • Bolivian Pampas with Indigena tours – April 2012
  • Atacama desert with Terra Extreme, Andes Expediciones, Layana and Bicy Adventures Atacama – April 2012
  • Experiencing Tierra del Fuego with 3X Expediciones – March 2012
  • Getting to know Peninsula Valdes and Punta Tombo with Ryan’s Travel – February 2012
  • Exploring Langkawi island with Maha Kim’s tour guide – November 2011
  • Exploring Palawan island with Panglima Tours – November 2011
  • Exploring Koh Phangan beaches with Phangan Navigator – October 2011
  • Exploring Angthong Marine National Park with Safari Boat – October 2011
  • Mayan ruins of Coba with Welcome Incoming Services – May 2011
  • Oaxaca state with Oaxaca Mistico – April 2011
  • Adventure in San Jose Iturbide with Consejo Turistico de San Jose Iturbide – March 2011


Other partnerships

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler is available for different kinds of partnerships, only if they fit the brand.

  • Alex also writes reviews about different accommodation around the world
  • travel gear for reviews
  • public speaking engagements – about travel, blogging, inspiration, marketing, working with brands/tourist boards, social media
  • coaching –  on travel, blogging, inspiration, marketing, working with brands/tourist boards, social media
  • interviews, TV and radio appearances
  • contests and giveaways for Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler readers
  • social media features and shares
  • brand ambassadorships
  • PR promotions
  • representing the company at events
  • campaigns
  • other partnerships


To find out about different forms of partnerships with Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler and how we could both help each other, please contact Alex via email at:

crazysexyfuntraveler (at) gmail (dot) com