RAW Vegan Courses

raw vegan courses with crazysexyfuntraveler


I organize raw vegan and detox courses:

  • Beginner RAW vegan courses where you can learn the basics about raw veganism but also many practical things and easy recipes.
  • Intermediate RAW vegan courses with more information about raw vegan lifestyle and detox; together with some raw meal preparation.
  • Courses for travelers looking for how to easily stay fit on the road.
  • Courses about detox where we will discuss different ways of detoxifying the body.
  • Courses about how to take care of your outer beauty – skin, hair and nails – easy, fast and naturally using only 100% natural oils and other products.
  • Courses for hotels and restaurants to teach the chefs and other employees the theory of raw veganism, what is necessary to know, and also how to prepare easy and well-combined meals using local, not so expensive ingredients which will both look and taste awesome.
  • Just theoretical presentations about raw veganism, detox and natural cosmetics for hotels/restaurants or any audience.
  • Courses and presentations can vary in length from 1 hour to 1 day – depending on topic, location and interest.
  • Courses in person or skype consultations.

What will you learn at the raw vegan courses?

  • what is raw vegan diet?
  • what are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • which ingredients add to your diet? (e.g. superfoods, algae, vegetables, herbs)
  • what did Alexandra and other people healed on this diet?
  • soaking and sprouting of nuts, seeds and cereals
  • right food combining
  • where can we find proteins, vitamin B12 and calcium on raw vegan diet?
  • what ingredients should you consume in winter to feel warmer?
  • what to be careful of?
  • we will prepare and then consume 3 to 5 easy raw meals
  • Bonus 10 pages of raw recipes for FREE 


My experience, raw vegan and detox certificates:

crazysexyfuntraveler raw food
  • Since 2006 – Healthy Lifestyle Consultant
  • Since June 2013 predominantly on raw vegan diet myself trying out different ways of detox
  • October 2013 – Raw course with Pavol Gálik Zdrawa Strawa, Lovinka, Slovakia
  • November 2013 – Raw course with Secret of Raw, close to Prague, Czech republic
  • January 2014 – Published Ebook Surová strava a cestovanie in Slovak language
  • January 2014 – My article about raw vegan diet was the main topic of the Slovak Profit magazine
  • February 2015 – Fitness Health Coach certificate with NESTA Spencer Institute from the US 
  • November 2015 – Raw and detox certificate with Amy Rachelle from Pure Raw and chef Jillian Love from the US, Bali, Indonézia
  • Late March/April 2016 – Published English Ebook How to be fit when traveling


Alexandra Kovacova Fitness Health Coach Certificate
Alexandra Kovacova Pure Raw Certificate


Organized raw vegan courses:


  • 3rd December 2016 raw vegan course in Snina, Slovakia
  • 18th September 2016 raw vegan course at the Metropol bar in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 17th to 24th June 2016 I taught raw vegan diet and yoga at a yoga trip in Crikvenica, Croatia 
  • 24th April 2016  3-hour theoretical and practical raw course at the bar Metropol in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 17th April 2016  2-hour presentation at the Sunday vegan afternoon at the AkoRepa in Prešov, Slovakia
  • 16th April 2016  6-hour raw course, both theoretical and practical knowledge at the AkoRepa in Prešov, Slovakia
  • 12th March 5-hour detox course in Snina, Slovakia
  • 8th March 2016 presentation on raw vegan diet and problems of vegans at restaurants and hotels at the Hotelier Academy conference, Aston hotel, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 21st February 2016 4-hour raw course both theory and practice, Music Café, Humenné, Slovakia



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