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Five experiences to restart your batteries in Australia

Has daily life gotten a bit stagnant? What you may need is a life-changing holiday that goes beyond merely seeing the sights. Australia is a top destination for those in search of enlightenment, adventure, and jaw-dropping scenery. If you’re looking for a way to recharge your batteries before you head back to reality, try one of the following distinctly benefits of traveling to Australia.

Whitsunday Island Beach

Whitsunday Island Beach

*photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


Go Sailing in the Whitsundays

When you think of a tropical island, the image that springs to mind would probably look something like the Whitsunday Islands off of the central coast of Queensland. With gleaming white sandy beaches and lush vegetation, these islands vary in size and amenities. Even if you have no prior sailing experience, try taking a day course and hiring a yacht to explore the islands at your leisure. You can drop anchor wherever you fancy, diving into the blue water to go snorkelling or get the castaway experience on a deserted beach.


Take a Drive down the Great Ocean Road

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic drives in the world, with a coastal highway that carries you through eucalyptus forests and pristine beaches. As you navigate the twists and turns of these cliffs, you can admire the rock formations of the Twelve Apostles or take a break for a surfing lesson in one of the small towns that dot the road. Maximize your experience by driving something daring like these new motorcycles or a slick convertible.


GreatOceanRoad sign

Great Ocean Road sign

*photo credit: Bobak Ha’Eri/Wikimedia Commons


Visit a Restorative Yoga Retreat

Although travellers often head to India for deep immersion in yoga practice (or to places like Blue Osa or Samasati in Costa Rica like me recently), Australia can also be a spiritual, beautiful, and transcendent location for a retreat. Many yoga retreats also incorporate pampering spa treatments, stress management techniques, and fresh organic cuisine for a cleansing experience. Beginners can try the Billabong Retreat in the clear air of the Blue Mountains, while more experienced yoga practitioners can visit advanced retreats like the Vipassana practice. This involves 12 hours a day of meditation in serene surroundings.



See the Sun Rise over Uluru

Get into the heart of Australia’s unforgettable outback region and view the sacred landscape surrounding two of its most iconic sights: The Olgas and Uluru. These massive rocks jut out of the landscape with grandeur, making them a sight to see in themselves. Yet one of the highlights of visiting Uluru is watching the way the lighting transforms the rocky landscape, with shifting colours throughout the day. Be sure to get there early enough to see the sunrise kick off this magical transformation. You can enhance your visit by taking an Aboriginal culture tour to learn more about Australia’s indigenous people and what this land means to their history and identity today.



Get Up Close and Personal with a Coral Reef

Explore Australia’s depths by visiting one of its famous coral reefs. You can choose from the Great Barrier Reef or the slightly lesser-known Ningaloo Reef, both offering no shortage of unique marine life to get up close and personal with. If you don’t fancy getting wet, try exploring the reefs on a glass bottom boat tour.



Add these experiences to your bucket list and get to know Australia, a land with extraordinary diversity and culture. 


PS: If you are one of those women obsessed with shopping, Australia can even be about Gold Coast shopping for you ;)


  1. Wow, I am so glad to hear that, Ronny ;)

  2. The superlatives about the beach at Whitsunday cannot be overstated … that spot on Earth comes as close to perfect as any place I know!

  3. Both activities sound awesome, Emma! Enjoy the sailing and let me know how it went :)

  4. I loved watching the sunrise over Uluru, but the sunset with a glass of bubbly in hand was pretty special too. Looking forward to sailing in the Whitsundays, it looks amazing!


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