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How I survived 12 days without internet in Egypt

I try to go to Slovakia every summer (July – August) because the weather is kind of ok to be outdoors or even to go to a pool and then my mom is on vacations so we can do some stuff together.

This summer, after I came back from New York City and spent just a few days at home in Snina, I was looking for holidays to Sharm el Sheikh as I haven’t visited it yet (shame on me!) But unfortunately, all the good deals from Slovakia were not from the closest airport Košice but from Bratislava and the deals I found were or shorter or longer than my mom wanted.

I don’t know why but all the all inclusive holidays you can take from Slovakia are more expensive than from any other European country which I don’t find fair because of the shitty salaries we have home.

Anyway, after 3 days of tough searching, I found a good deal in Egypt –  5 star all inclusive Tia Heights hotel in Makadi Bay close to Hurghada. We visited Hurghada with my mom in 2007 already but when I saw the hotel had the biggest swimming pool in Egypt, I was sold. I just wanted to swim without no one in my way. Or just cool down in the pool having my own space as I cannot stand sunbathing for longer than a few minutes (as I mentioned in the post about different tanning habits around the world).

So I said goodbye to my Australian friend Matt who I spent time speaking about benefits of traveling to Australia, packed, scheduled some posts and flew to Hurghada with my mom.


I knew I was not going to be online for those 12 days there.

21st century and no wifi, you asking?


I know, I was terrified to death! The longest time ever for me without internet for the last approx. 4 years was 3 – 4 days (for example when I went to Uyuni Salt flat in Bolivia or Pampas Tour where in the Amazon jungle there was no internet of course).

But 12?

And in a 5 star hotel???

There was actually wifi but only at the reception and it was 5 euro per 24 hours. Way too expensive in my opinion, and if I paid for it, I would force myself to be online for all the 24 hours which obviously would not be good :)

So I took a hard decision of no internet for 12 days, just proper vacations and relax.

Are you asking how I survived for so long?

Let me be honest with you. It was tough on like 4th day and then again my last day in Egypt. In between I was actually happy I couldn’t go online so I had time to do nothing.

We did not take any tours. It was too hot for both me and mom to spend time on a bus or outside during the biggest midday heat. We saw the Giza pyramids in 2007 and went snorkeling to Giftun too. I just wanted to go to Luxor but then as I busy travel all the time, this time I decided not to do anything.


crazy sexy fun traveler with mom at Giza pyramids in 2007

with mom at Giza pyramids in 2007


I spent days:

- eating (5 or 6 times a day as usual),

- swimming when I was not too lazy,

- cooling down in the pool or at the beach

crazy sexy fun traveler with mom in Makadi Bay

with mom at the Makadi Bay beach

cooling down in the pool in Tia Heights in Egypt

cooling down in the pool in Tia Heights in Egypt

- putting the sunscreen lotion on,

- sunbathing a little bit (most of the time in the water),

- walking around the hotel complex,

- drinking like crazy (I mean water with lemon and hot chocolate),

- writing down what I had to do after I got back home,

- complaining about the things that could be better (with a family with 2 cute girls we met there),

- making some videos when it was too hot or boring (I had my laptop with me),

- enjoying the beach and people watching,

- taking photos,

- shopping (bought a Lacoste belt, a Gucci handbag, a silver butterfly-shaped ring, postcards and some presents),

- learning Russian (the hotel was full of Russian tourists),

- putting the after sun on,

- having fun with the hotel animators (Mido, Shika),

meeting new interesting people (such as Adnan and Adi from Bosnia and Herzegovina)

crazy sexy fun traveler with Adnan - we look tired huh

with Adnan – we look tired huh? at 1.30 am :)

- making fish faces with my favorite bartender Amr,

- and every night after a good hot chocolate we were watching the night show (dancing, acrobatic and comedy shows etc.).


I will miss all the people I met there (including a Dutch tall guy drinking tons of beer every night and staring at me with his mouth open).

I can say it was a lot of fun … with even more sun. And a lot of doing nothing. Maybe it really pays to dream of family holidays to Sharm el Sheikh the next time around.

It did feel like holidays.

Even I need holidays :)



  1. Wish your mum happy b’day from my side… :)

  2. r u still in cairo ??? i am from giza hope you still there ! realy i hope ( i leave in pyramids st beside king marriott area in fysal street :D

  3. Comment@ Mark Benson:
    I agree, it was so painful :D

  4. You sure are a survivor!

  5. Comment@ Lyndsay/ Discount Travel Blogger:
    My mom was paranoid about it too but we didn’t go yo Cairo just in case :)

  6. Awesome holiday you two have there, a mom and daughter bonding! I wanna visit Egypt too.My bf is just a bit paranoid from the media hype of what’s happening there so I guess I’ll let it cool down a bit, but nice video there.

  7. Comment@ sanjana nuwan:
    You see! I did survive :)

  8. 12 days without internet?????
    cant believe it…

  9. Comment@ Agness:
    It’s never boring if you have things to do :) But I take all inclusive usually once a year only to switch off.

  10. I don’t like all inclusive holidays. In my opinion there are so boring and make people lazy, but it looked like you have a great time :) . I know the feeling when you get frustrated without the internet :)

  11. Comment@ NomadTravels:
    Right, it is not easy, especially if you work online :D

  12. Comment@ NomadTravels:
    I know, it is not difficult especially if you work online :D

  13. It’s hard to even think of 12 days without internet, at first thought at least. Then I think about it a little and think it actually would be enjoyable. If only I could curb my insatiable curiosity which always has me running to my nearest connected device to look up random facts.

  14. aj ja pozdravujem zo Spanielska :)

  15. dakujeme a pozdravujeme

  16. Janka Kováčiková dakujeme :) dve super zienky tam boli s jednou super rodinkou :)

  17. i didnt even count my emails :D

  18. dve super žienky ……..

  19. I was in vacation 10 days in cadiz, andalusia without WWW and now on return i have 1.015 e-mails ¡¡¡¡

  20. Comment@ Callie:
    Definitely yes, but it was not so easy being unplugged for such a long time, as you can imagine :D

  21. 12 days without internet is pretty impressive! Makes for such a relaxing vacation though, looks like you all had a great time.

  22. Comment@ Stephanie – The Travel Chica:
    The worst thing is that each time I unplug, there is something important going on and I miss it :(

  23. Although it is scary, I think it is good to unplug for several days in a row (at least a week!). I think I might need to now :-)

  24. Comment@ Susi:
    Haha that is so funny :) Hope you liked it!

  25. Oww, I was in the same hotel 2 years ago!! After I read this article I miss it so much!! :) ))

  26. Comment@ crazy sexy fun traveler:
    you, and you! and silence, I do not want to guess the model and you’re done! I love you and leave my things are going! – * I keep my thumb in my model Career♥♥♥

  27. Comment@ Timea:
    I wish I was! :)

  28. Comment@ crazy sexy fun traveler:
    thank you , you are model number one♥

  29. Comment@ Timea:
    :) )) love u too!

  30. Comment@ crazy sexy fun traveler:
    It is great alex, barrel those photos in the mirror as a model :) I love you

  31. Comment@ iveta:
    to mi bolo jasne haha

  32. teraz by som tam zas na chvilku odskocila

  33. Comment@ Eric:
    Haha why am I not surprised guys like the video? :)

  34. Wow more videos like these please :)


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