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Spontaneity is the spice of life

In winter, it’s easy to reach the point where you think ‘I just want to get away!’ When you start looking at the cost of going away within the UK (where many of my readers live), it’s often cheaper, or just as cheap to head off to a European city for a few days, where you’re guaranteed something different.

I fancied a long weekend last month, and I looked at all sorts of places, including spending Christmas in London, but they were all so expensive, and then I saw several cheap flights for Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris … my choice was made, I was heading off on a plane!

My final choice was actually the Czech capital because there is a lot to see in Prague at Xmas time, and I found several ways to make my long weekend much cheaper than I originally thought.

I booked my flight with Easy Jet, and that means low cost, but also I managed on hand luggage alone, without having to book onto my flight costly suitcases. This saved me around £40, and that’s quite a considerable amount to keep in my pocket! I bought the minimal toiletries I needed at the airport, and voila! A capsule wardrobe that actually weighed less than I thought. Yes, I had wear my biggest coat and shoes to save weight and space, but I managed it.

I also drove myself to the airport, which saved money on expensive trains, coaches and taxis. Because of the short time period involved, I also thought it better to drive myself because it cut down the travel time considerably.

I got a last minute hotel deal on the internet, with quite a percentage knocked off for online booking, and then that was it, I was ready to jet off! Long weekends don’t have to break the bank whilst you’re there because of the short time involved, and it’s easy to budget on food etc if you really need to, simply avoid fancy restaurants, and opt for something slightly less so. You don’t have to eat in McDonalds, but maybe head slightly off the tourist streets and you’ll find the restaurants most locals go to, which are often cheaper and you’ll also get the best local cuisine here too. Double bonus.

If you’re trying to save costs, because this was a spontaneous weekend away, why not head off sightseeing, and avoid the shops? It can be done! It has many advantages really, saved money, all that walking means good exercise, and you’ll see some wonderful sights to boot.

See, European city breaks can be cheaper than you realise, and low cost flights make all this so easy. Many European cities are quicker to get to by air than our own capital by road! Remember to book your airport extras, such as Airport parking, to save you money, and you’ll have more in your pocket to spend during your few days away.

And we all know already that Prague is beautiful in every season!

Vaclavske namesti in Prague

Vaclavske namesti in Prague



  1. Oh yes, and they usually do happen :)

  2. Spontaneity is always a great way to visit a country or a city. If you don’t plan much, a lot of things might happen.

  3. Very nice not to plan much :)

  4. Agree with you. If I go to visit my family back to Slovakia, it’s so far away from everything. Just a 10-hour train to get to the closest airport :/

  5. Great post, very inspiring! It’s too bad most of the places I currently wish to visit are very far away. Makes spontaneity so much more difficult.

  6. Such an amazing city! It just has a great vibe and overall feel. Spontaneity always spices up a trip which is why I never plan to far in advance.

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