The night I stayed at a cloister – unique Hotel La Ferme

After fully satisfying my stomach on board the Le Massif de Charlevoix train, I was brought to Hotel La Ferme. At first, my feelings were a bit messed up as I did not know what to expect after checking their website. However, my confusion disappeared already after 3 minutes since I entered. The Hotel La Ferme […]

Getting dirty when spelunking Warsaw Caves in Kawarthas

I had never heard of Warsaw caves. I had never imagined that caves with the name of Polish capital would be located in Canada and not in Poland. And most of all, I did not find out how beautiful and unique these caves are until I spent 3 days in Peterborough and Kawarthas, a bit […]

Summer travel guide to Montreal

Complete with centuries-old stone facades, grand boulevards, and traditional bistros, Montreal may resemble the Old World, but this Canadian metropolis is anything but a fossilized relic. Beyond the cobbled lanes lies a vibrant city full of innovative eats, distinctive drinks, and cutting-edge beats. Home to boundary-pushing bands like The Dear and Arcade Fire, as well […]