6 Popular outdoor adventures in the Philippines

Many travelers refer to the Philippines as the land of infinite adventures. We already know that this Southeast Asian country is the land of infinite islands, but what makes it so adventurous? The main reason that this is the perfect destination for adrenaline-seeking travelers is that the amount of outdoor adventure activities in the Philippines […]

10 Best places to visit in Chennai – Urban side of India

Traveling through India, there are certain things you MUST see when visiting the bustling cities of this incredibly country. Some cities are riddled with tourist attractions and famous monuments, but the city of Chennai has a charm that goes beyond the typical tourist sites. If you are looking for hidden gems, keep reading below about […]

The craziest misconceptions about Sri Lanka you won’t believe to be true

We’re all human, so it’s not uncommon that we all keep our own set of cultural, religious, and other misconceptions in our minds. Some myths and misconceptions are downright silly while others test your faith and peace of mind. These ideas of untruths aren’t just specific for certain parts of the world either… misconceptions and […]