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One thing I can’t travel without

The more we travel, the more minimalist we become. We all know it.

After years of traveling, the list of the things I have to take with me is becoming smaller and smaller. In this technical era of laptops, iPads and blackberries, it is obvious that we can’t go on a trip without our favorite toys. I need my Nokia Xpress to tone up my fave music and to keep in touch with friends I use my notebook and internet. I guess those things are a must for all the travelers.

There are a few things I just can’t travel without. Even when going shopping or on a one-day trip, I always carry with me things: my camera, a lip balm, tissues, keys, strawberry chewing gums and phone.

But if the trip is longer, there is one thing I take with me that for me is priceless – ALOE VERA GEL.

I just love aloe vera in general, I drink aloe vera drinks, I use aloe vera creams and bath salt and everything containing aloe vera is very welcome.

Aloe vera gel saved my ass many times. If I just take 3 months traveling around Mexico as an example, I used all the 50 ml of the 80% gel.

Maybe I need it because, as my mom’s says, I am too clumsy and even if there’s nothing around me, I can get hurt :D Right now I’ve just put aloe vera gel on my leg as well as after the 6 rainy weeks at home it was finally sunny so I went to a pool and got sun allergy.

I had sun allergy (rash) in Mexico, too and sunburnt my feet and nose a couple of times … each time I used aloe vera gel to heal it. And I cut myself really bad 3 times above both ankles and scratched calves when rappeling in Valle de Santiago. Aloe vera healed my 3 cm cut on the left ankle and that 9 cm from rappel. Now they are almost invisible.

So aloe vera gel is my saviour – the only thing I can’t travel without. I use it for sunburnts, cuts, dry skin, skin peeling off, rash or any skin irregularities. It is one of the tips I give to female travelers.

Is there anything special or weird you pack with you for your trips? Anything else than usual phone?



  1. something to read !!

  2. A sense of adventure…corny I know right? lol

  3. Comment@ Melody:
    Melody,a sarong is a great idea, I bring it with me too and use it instead of a towel as it is not that puffy and big :)

  4. I never travel without a sarong. I actually take it a lot of places with me too. It’s so useful as a coverup, shawl, skirt, picnic blanket, etc.

  5. Good to hear I helped you, Abby! I just see I need to buy a new one as well :D

  6. SUCH a good idea! I rarely get sunburned, but when I do, it’s bad. And you can use that for everything! I was just compiling a list of my travel musts. Kismet!

  7. My skin is weird as well. I can get tan in 2 days or get sun allergy in 2 hours … and never know, so carry sunscreen with me usually too ;)

  8. Similar to your aloe vera, I carry sunscreen with me everywhere. I burn extremely easily, even when I’m tan. My husband doesn’t get tan if he’s wearing sunscreen and never seems to burn, but I can get burnt pretty much anytime. I have to be very careful with my skin!

  9. Hm good idea that string! Never thought of it :D

  10. I always carry a small ball of string. Comes in hand when I need to dry my clothes sometimes. Baby wipes are a must, too.


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