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Summer in Lisbon – enjoy Portugal in the summer months

Summer is a wonderful time to rent one of the Lisbon apartments so you can kick back and enjoy some relaxation. While doing so, you can definitely enjoy this area at any time of year, the summer months are sure to offer plenty of fun in the sun. To help you make the most of your trip, here is a helpful guide to Lisbon in the summer.


Lisbon Square

Lisbon Square


First, it’s important to consider what the weather will be like if you decide to visit Lisbon during the summer.
You can definitely expect the weather to be quite warm at this time of year. Some people aren’t a fan of the heat, but if you like plenty of warm sunshine, you’ll definitely love visiting during this time. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the cool waters of the Atlantic and you may even want to try your hand at surfing as well.

One of the main attractions during the summer season happens to be the beach. Most people want to enjoy heading to the beach where they can enjoy the sun, surf and sand. It can be pretty warm on the sun baked streets of Lisbon, so plan to spend plenty of time relaxing at the beach. Consider staying in an apartment on the beach and then take a cooler day or evening to visit some of the main attractions in the city center.

If you happen to be in Lisbon around June 13th, you’ll want to check out St. Anthony’s Day, which is just a like a huge street party. St. Anthony happens to be Lisbon’s patron saint and this event is a big one in the area. You’ll get to see a carnival of floats in the center of the city and you can find all kinds of drinks and food items for purchase along the street as well.

Another exciting event that happens in the summer time in Lisbon is the Rock in Rio music festival. This festival usually takes place in the last part of May and in the early part of June. If you love music, you’ll get to see some of the greats at this exciting festival. August is the month when the Ocean’s Festival is held, which offers some great concerts, pyrotechnic shoes and more. Also in August, you can enjoy going to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation where you can hear some great jazz concerts. This is a must for those who love jazz music.


in Lisbon

in Lisbon


As you can see, there’s definitely plenty to do during the summer if you choose this season to visit Lisbon. Keep in mind that travel expenses may be a bit more expensive, since summer happens to be the peak seas in the area. However, if you decide to rent one of the holiday apartments in Lisbon, you can save enough money to make it worth it to visit during the Summer time. Come armed with plenty of sunscreen, a camera to capture all the special memories and your swimsuit for swimming and watersports.


  1. Comment@ Julika:
    Thanks, Julika, for your opinion! There are so many places that are worth a visit all year long, right :)

  2. Great list of things to do in Lisbon during the summer! In my opinion, however, Lisbon is worth a trip year round! It’s just always dazzling :)

  3. Comment@ About Portugal:
    That is always the best to visit big cities at the time of festivals :)

  4. Hi,
    definitely May and June are the best months to visit Lisbon. As you wrote,the Lisbon festivities are a special period in the city life and you can experience a real portuguese way of live life.



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