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Heroic Veracruz

 From Quintana Roo I took a bus to Veracruz to visit a friend I knew for years but have never met in person so far. I changed the dates a little bit because of what happened in Playa del Carmen. So in the end, he could not come from Xalapa to Veracruz to have a […]

Photo of the week – Dominican Monastery in Santiago Apostol Cuilapan in Oaxaca

 Cuilapan means River of Coyotes in náhuatl. This little village in Oaxaca has an amazing monastery from the 16th century. Once the Jesuits were expelled from the area to the North, the Dominicans came here and wanted to convert all the Indians to their religion. However, because of the very often earthquakes here, the natives […]

With Frida Kahlo

 When I was staying in Hotel Catedral in Puerto Vallarta and walking through the town on a busy Sunday full of tourists, all of a sudden  I saw Frida Kahlo. I bet you all know her – famous Mexican painter, from Coyoacán, Mexico City with one eyebrow, not two. The wife of Diego Rivera. The looking […]