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4 places to visit near Queretaro

 Pyramid El CerritoIt is situated in the El Pueblito village (often known as The Pueblito Pyramid) just 7 km from Querétaro historical centre. The area was inhabited from 600 A.D. by Teotihuacan and Toltec cultures, later by Chichimec, Otomis and Tarascans, with documented population at El Pueblito from 1600, although it was never discovered until […]


All my videos are on Youtube under my username crazysexyfuntraveler. Please subscribe to my youtube channel :)     Ako sedieť pri meditácii      5 spôsobov ako si uľahčiť meditáciu      Spisska Sobota, Poprad, Slovakia      Môj deň vo wellness Grandhotel Tatra      A room at Grandhotel […]

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My name is Alexandra Kovacova, called Saška at home and Alex abroad. I was born in 1984 in Snina in the Eastern part of Slovakia. I started traveling already as a kid, my parents would take me on road trips all over Slovakia and also shopping to Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. I guess it all […]