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41 reasons to visit Cuba

Traveling around South America and Central America, I met people from all over the world and all of them planned to visit different countries. But I found out that many of them plannedcheap holidays to Cuba among other exotic countries.

I always wanted to visit Cuba as well, but each time another country has come first and I don’t even know why. Now thinking of it, I don’t find the reason why I haven’t booked a flight to this beautiful country yet.

Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba, consists of the main island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud and some archipelagos.

We all know that Cuba, a Communist country, used to make it difficult for the foreigners to enter. Nowadays it is much open and it welcomes tourists from all over the world.


map of Cuba

map of Cuba


But I do find a lot of reasons why to visit Cuba, the largest and the most populated Caribbean island.


At least 41 reasons come to my mind right now:


  1. nice weather with some 330 days of sunshine per year
  2. more than 300 breath-taking beaches with warm transparent water
  3. Cuban music
  4. famous Cuban cigars
  5. very distinctive culture you cannot find anywhere else in the world
  6. friendly people
  7. many World Heritage Sites
  8. World Biosphere Reserves
  9. National Parks
  10. Rum
  11. delicious drinks (e.g. Cuba Libre)
  12. beautiful nature
  13. ecotourism
  14. caves
  15. underground rivers
  16. waterfalls
  17. rainforests
  18. mountains
  19. good night life
  20. accommodation of all prices
  21. festivals
  22. water suitable for drinking
  23. museums, art galleries, concert halls
  24. a perfect place for water sports
  25. snorkeling and scuba-diving
  26. colonial architecture
  27. salsa dance
  28. Tropicana – a unique cabaret in Havana with lights and show
  29. swimming with the dolphins
  30. fortresses from the 16 century
  31. old cars – Buicks, Chevys, Caddies, Plymouths, DeSotos, Studebarkers
  32. baseball players and boxers
  33. safe country – almost no crime
  34. sexy Black guys and curvy girls
  35. 99,8% literacy rate
  36. tobacco plantations
  37. healthcare on a very good level
  38. delicious Cuban cuisine – a mixture of Spanish and Caribbean cuisine
  39. exotic wildlife
  40. rock climbing
  41. cycling

Seeing these reasons, I will make sure to visit Cuba, a unique country in everything it has to offer, very soon in the future. Actually, it would be enough just with the first two reasons – nice weather and lovely beaches for me to visit :)

one of the beaches in Cuba

one of the beaches in Cuba



  1. Comment@ April D. Thompson:
    Lucky you, April! I just cannot dance :(

  2. One of my top reasons is salsa. I took the Cuban style of salsa dancing (rueda de casino) for 2 years. Though it’s been a while and I’m kinda rusty, I would love to dance there!

  3. Comment@ Memographer:
    wow, good more reasons ;)

  4. Wow 41! Great job! I love Cuba!
    I would add to #10 or 11
    a) Bucanero beer
    b) Cuban Mahito and
    c) Hemingway’s double Daiquiri at El Floridita ;)

  5. Comment@ Molly:
    Haha, Molly, well, yes, but am I not right about it? :D

  6. Comment@ crazy sexy fun traveler:
    Sexy black guys and curvy girls…? You are very funny though I can see how that fits into your site :)

    Snorkeling and exotic wildlife definitely appeal to me as well as the general level of safety for tourists.

  7. Comment@ Spencer:
    It took me a while to come up with all those reasons, Spencer :)

  8. That is a pretty compelling list of reasons!

  9. Comment@ Doc Wends of Journeys and Travels:
    When are you going there? Oh yes, there are so many things to enjoy in Cuba :D

  10. I love this post and truly, i will enjoy salsa, tropicana and the sun in Havana! the sexiest perhaps in my life to happen.

  11. Comment@ World Nomad:
    Haha u see, I can read minds :D

  12. That’s funny, I am thinking about going to Cuba this summer =) Thanks for the list!

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