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Alex is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life. In March 2011 she quit her stewardess job and hasn't stopped ever since. Her motto is ''I live to travel, I travel to live.'' She writes about crazy travel, fun adventures and sexy photos.

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    The Guy Who Flies


    Thanks for the article and tips Fiona.

    I agree on the overpacking, I’m guilty too but have always avoided excess fees. Using hotel laundry is a good idea if you wash yourself. If it is the hotel serviced laundry then it can be ridiculously expensive, sometimes more than buying replacement clothing from my years of experience.

    Airline lounges – they do vary. I find the US carrier lounges are awful, overcrowded and certainly not worth paying for. Lounges in other places around the world can be reasonable to excellent. When they offer showers, hot and cold food, free beverages, wifi and sleeping areas and even entertainment then you are onto a good thing.

    Travel insurance is not an optional extra for me, it is a necessity. I agree to shop around and check the fine print so you are covered. I’ve had to make claims in the past and good cover is worth the price – believe me!


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