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My 24 favorite beaches of 2011

In the end of the year, everyone is doing these posts about all the places they visited in 2011 and I decided to be different and write three posts – my favorite beaches of 2011, my favorite sunsets of 2011 and my misadventures of 2011.

You would never believe it but I am actually a very shy person and the weirdest thing about it all is that I feel comfortable only in bikini, so odd! I’m serious!

I know many of you love my beach photos (and my bikini photos also haha), so here’s my favorite beaches I visited in 2011:


San Blas, Mexico

crazy sexy fun traveler on San Blas beach in Mexico (2)crazy sexy fun traveler on San Blas beach in Mexico


Playa Conejos, Huatulco, Mexico

crazy sexy fun traveler on Playa Conejos in Huatulco in Mexico


Holbox, Mexico

crazy sexy fun traveler on Holbox island in Mexico


Cancún, Mexico

crazy sexy fun traveler on Cancun beach in Mexico


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

crazy sexy fun traveler on Playa del Carmen beach in Mexico


Xpu Ha, Mexico

crazy sexy fun traveler on Xpu ha beach in Mexico


Tulum, Mexico

crazy sexy fun traveler on Tulum beach Mexico


Malibu beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

crazy sexy fun traveler on Malibu beach on Koh Phangan island in Thailand


Coconut beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

crazy sexy fun traveler on Coconut beach on Koh Phangan island in Thailand


Bottle beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

crazy sexy fun traveler on Bottle beach on Koh Phangan in Thailand


Koh Wua Talap, Angthong Marine National Park, Thailand

crazy sexy fun traveler on Koh Wua Talap beach in Angthong Marine National parkcrazy sexy fun traveler relaxing on Koh Wua Talap beach in Angthong National Park


Laem Sor, Koh Samui, Thailand

crazy sexy fun traveler on Laem Sor beach on Koh Samui in Thailand


Phra Ae – Long Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand

crazy sexy fun traveler on Phra Ae Long Beach on Koh Lantacrazy sexy fun traveler on Phra Ae Long Beach on Koh Lanta in Thailand


Koh Ngai, Thailand

crazy sexy fun traveler on Koh Ngai beach close to Koh Lanta


Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi, Malaysia

crazy sexy fun traveler onTanjung Rhu beach on Langkawi island


Pantai Kerachut beach, Penang, Malaysia

crazy sexy fun traveler on Pantai Kerachut beach in Penang in Malaysiacrazy sexy fun traveler on Pantai Kerachut beach on Penang


Lingayen, Philippines

crazy sexy fun traveler on Lingayen beach in Luzon


El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

crazy sexy fun traveler on El Nido beach in Palawan


7 Commandos Island, Palawan, Philippines

crazy sexy fun traveler on 7 Commandos island beach in Palawan


Basdaku White beach, Cebu, Philippines

crazy sexy fun traveler on Basdaku white beach in Cebucrazy sexy fun traveler on Basdaku white beach on Cebu in Philippines


Alona beach, Bohol, Philippines

crazy sexy fun traveler on Alona beach on Bohol


Dumaluan beach, Bohol, Philippines

crazy sexy fun traveler on Dumaluan beach on Bohol


White beach, Boracay, Philippines

crazy sexy fun traveler on White beach on Boracay


Pudsa beach, Boracay, Philippines

crazy sexy fun traveler on deserted Pudsa beach on Boracaycrazy sexy fun traveler on Pudsa beach on Boracay


I hope you all enjoyed these photos :) And want to see LIKE, share and a comment from all of you that saw it!



  1. Visit both islands. Cannot decide, loved them both very much :)

  2. Those are some good beaches. Been on most of them.

    Hey, I’m going to the Philippines in February.
    So I hear Boracay and Palawan as the top recs. I see you’ve been to both.

    Which do you recommend for beach quality and general traveling?

  3. That’s perfect, yachts are so cool :)

  4. Really you are too sexy, and crazy also I love beaches and now I am in Dubai in my dream yacht.

  5. Glad you like beaches in the Philippines. Just visited Bocaray for the second time and enjoyed the holiday with my family. You also look gorgeous in the bikini.

  6. Thanks for the compliment, Andy! Love filipino beaches.

  7. I never found sea shore Philippines so beautiful before this might be your existence there that made that even more beautiful…Very beautiful pics.

  8. Comment@ karl:
    I was in Dagupan, Karl, but not at that place you mention!

  9. Next time u visit Lingayen beach, follow it towards dagupan and drop by for a beer, its just after u pass bimaley beach.
    coordinates can be found on google maps, Norseman grill.

  10. Comment@ Juan Manila:
    I loved all those beaches in the Philippines! Will have to visit more in the future :)

  11. What can I say? Those were nice photos!

    Thanks for visiting Philippines! ;)

  12. Comment@ killerfillers:
    You see, you have been to 2 beaches I haven’t :)

  13. All the Philippines beaches are my favorite and I’ve been on some of them. Unfortunately Repulse Bay (Hong Kong) and Brighton Beach (New York) are the two beaches that I’ve been to outside my country. Planning to go to Thailand and Indonesia next year. Mexico and some beaches in South America might have to wait though.

  14. Comment@ Jules:
    Jules, thanks! I haven’t been to that beach in Langkwai you mention, maybe next time ;)

  15. Woooow! Thanks for coming to the Philippines and posting your pictures of our awesome beaches! Ive gone to Langkawi also but went to Mutiara Burau Bay, but hey! Tanjung Rhu is awesome so, as shown in your shot up there!

  16. Comment@ Morena:
    Thank you, Morena :) For me it’s great to see people like what I do :)

  17. Your such a Stunning, amazing lady,with a lots of beautiful places that you saw and showing to the people like me…

  18. Comment@ bob:
    Thanks, Bob :) No, I never made it to Krabi as I stay longer on Koh Phangan :) Next time then ;)

  19. Smoking hot CSFT…. Did you make it to Railay Bay nr Krabi while you were in Thailand? You’d love that for sure.

  20. Comment@ Kat:
    Kat, go to El Nido and from there take Tour A and Tour C to go to nice beaches in Palawan :)

  21. im planning to visit palawan this march… any good beaches/place you would like to recommend? tnx!

  22. Comment@ Cassie:
    Everyone says so! I should plan a beach trip to Australia and New Zealand soon then :) Thanks for reading, Cassie! Come back again :)

  23. There’s lots of beautiful beach here in Australia. You will love it for sure. As a neighbouring country the beach in New Zealand are awesome as well. Comment@ crazy sexy fun traveler:

  24. Comment@ Vi:
    Vi, I am definitely planning to go to New Zealand and Australia but not sure if I can manage this year! Already looking forward tho :)

  25. Comment@ dtravelsround:
    Thank you so much! There are so many lovely beaches around the world! One would need to visit at least one every day and still not see them all.

  26. Are you planning to go to NZ and Australia? You will love beaches out there.

  27. Comment@ Theonoski:
    Yes, Cancun beach is amazing, but that’s all I love about Cancun, nothing else :D

  28. I have never been to any of these beaches and they all look gorgeous!!!

  29. Cancun (and you of course) looks awesome!!

  30. Cancun (and you of course) looks awesome!!!

  31. Comment@ Rahul:
    Thank you for visiting and your nice words :)

  32. Heart-wrenching sigh…. dis alarmingly beautiful

  33. Impossible to dislike these photographs…. :) … alarmingly charming…

  34. Comment@ Sheril Benedict:
    Of course they were, and all those people who took photos of me there, too haha

  35. Comment@ Anik:
    I knew you would love them, Anik :D Thanks, to u too! Keep in touch ;)

  36. Alex, I loved these pictures. Happy New Year! :)

  37. Ah i guess those beaches are lucky to see you in bikini !! hehehe

  38. Comment@ Tintin:
    Gracias Tintin :) I really loved loved loved White beach, but at Station 1 with no people :)

  39. @ crazy sexy fun traveler:
    Boracay is a must in the Philippines. Not matter how much they say it is overrated, it is one of our country’s gems! White beach is seriously “WHITE BEACH!”

    This post is beautiful amor. Lindas fotos!!! =)

  40. Comment@ Fidel @IHarTravel:
    I really enjoyed most of these beaches, almost cried of happiness the first time I swam at White beach in Boracay, not kidding!

  41. more than beautifulll :)

  42. Comment@ melo villareal:

    Just checked out your page, Melo, excellent images!

  43. This is like my dream blog of yours come true :-)

    Aside from the obvious, I love the images you chose. The water at these beaches looks so inviting. Was it mostly warm? I can see why they call that beach ‘White Beach.’ I’ve never seen sand that white.

    What did it feel like to be in some of those beaches?

  44. Comment@ Carlos:
    Because I was in Gran Canaria in November 2010 :P

  45. And where is Playa del Inglés in Maspalomas – Gran Canaria ??? jejeje

  46. Comment@ melo villareal:
    Thanks for reading, Melo, of course!

  47. Comment@ soloflightEd:
    Edcel, this is the best comment ever haha!

  48. Im glad you loved Philippine beaches… hope to see you on your next visit:)

  49. wow! great beach photos! You’re really living up to your moniker as the crazy sexy fun traveler! wow wow wow! nice beaches! – wait, I said that already! haha. have a happy new year alexa! :D

  50. Comment@ Micamyx|Senyorita:
    I bet I drive crazy more guys with this post haha … Acceptance :D
    Miss u honey, too!

  51. Comment@ Akshaye:
    Thank you guys :)

  52. Love it Alex!!

  53. Comment@ Holgs:
    Actually, there were a lot of beaches that never made it to this list, Holgs, I’m a beach lover, as you can notice :P

  54. So were there any beaches that you went to that didn’t make it to the favourites list this year? :p

  55. I bet you drove DongHo crazy with your sexy pics! Hehe peace Dom :P

    Love this post and made me miss you much huhu go back here now and that is a command! Haha Happy New Year Alex! :D

  56. i remember you mentioned me of playa del carmen. finally saw it. but more to beach, it’s fun seeing you in the photos as if you were actually still here. it’s crazy sexy fun.

  57. LOVE IT !!!!!


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