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Is Boracay a party place?

My last two days in the Philippines were on the Boracay island. I got there on the 2p 259 Air Phil Express flight from Cebu to Caticlan and then by a boat to Boracay.

Boracay is the most famous party place of the Philippines and one of the well-known around the world, too. It means I had big expectations about party life in this lovely little island.

Boracay a party place, I heard a lot. I went to explore it on my own.

I am not a party lover any more, I quit drinking alcohol 3 years ago (which you might know already from About page info) but I still do enjoy going out when it is with people I like. I mean people I can easily talk to and have fun with who don’t have to get necessarily wasted after just 1 hour out in a bar. It was the case with the two Czech girls I met on my way to Boracay, Lida and Pavla. As it were my last 2 days in the Philippines and 2 last days at the beach before heading off to Thailand again, I decided we should celebrate it with the girls and have some fun. And of course, try the great Boracay party life ourselves.

crazy sexy fun traveler with Czech girls Lida and Pavla on Boracay island

I remember that the night before, on Saturday night, I walked the beach and around most of the bars/restaurants after the dinner on the way back to my place. It was after 10.30 pm and there were almost no people around. I saw probably 3 groups of drunk guys, but that was pretty much it. Many restaurants were closing slowly, the live music was finishing and the tourists were buying some food in the stalls and shops (such as Jammers open 24/7)on the way back to their hotels. I was wondering where all the life was on a Saturday night, before 11 pm and in Boracay???

Jammers 24 restaurant on Boracay island

I did not get the answer until late the following night, on Sunday the 5th December when after a delicious dinner in Island Chicken Inasal, we were trying to find a good place for some drinks (juice for me). There was not much happening to be honest along the beach which is where all the bars are located. The first bar we sat in to have something to drink and chat, was with live music we really liked at first. There were also some cute guys around to look at (e.g. Danish guys we kept meeting around the island by accident for the whole 2 days in Boracay). All looked perfect. Then, unfortunately, they changed the singer who brought up horrible country music that 20-something girls do not enjoy (sorry, but it’s really for the older ones). So we had to change the place (yes, leaving the hot guys still there, arghh).

empty beach on Boracay island during the night party life

We walked up and down the beach bars twice and the bar my Czech friends were at the night before was closed already, so we sat down at the beach club with rock live music. Surprisingly, we had fun. The Boss Band Boracay, which was the name of the band playing, were very funny to look at and good to listen to. The main singer was running all around the tables, making funny faces and poses to entertain the audience while singing. His voice was truly amazing! But after a couple of minutes of this great concert, it was midnight already so the beach bar closed and the visitors could move downstairs with different kind of live music that was not our cup of tea.

Boss Band Boracay singer during live concert on Boracay island

So we changed the place again, for the third time already, walked up and down the beach bars again, and sat in the one with another live music which was not very loud so we could actually speak. But in the end, the guys were singing too low so we could not really hear any music and it seemed more like karaoke beginners than a real band. Plus, before we could finish our drinks, the bar closed as well, which meant we had to change the place for the fourth time!

It would not be a big problem if there was a good place to go! But we walked the whole Station 3 and Station 2, up to the beginning of the Station 1 and we still did not find a bar with many people where all the Boracay party life was. What was wrong with Boracay? Party place? Where??? Saturday and Sunday night during the peak season, at the beach and the majority of the bars were closed and those that were not, were almost empty?

empty beach bars on Boracay island

We found just one disco called Summer Place that was crowded but the music was extremely loud to have any conversation and it was full of the local Asian people, including a lot of dancing gays and ladyboys. And some three or four completely drunk white guys. Not a place for three hot chicks from Central Europe, I’m afraid. Not how we imagined the party life in Boracay!

Summer Place disco on Boracay island

So not much was happening in Boracay. Is it really a party place? Boracay a party place? I was asking myself. And the Czech girls were wondering, too! We ended up a bit disappointed, especially knowing how the parties back home are, or for example in Spain. If what was happening in Boracay meant that Boracay is a huge party place for the Filipinos, or Asian people in general, or some tourists, then probably for them yes. Maybe for them Boracay is a party heaven but not for me. Everyone can have a different opinion, right?

Like I said, I am not a party person, not any more. But what we saw in Boracay was not a party place, not even for me so how can it be a great party place for some party lovers then?! (I guess party lovers expect even more from a party than a non-party person like me). Maybe if you get wasted anywhere very quickly, then yes. Then Boracay is a party place. Then any place can be a party place for you. But not for me. Even though Boracay party life disappointed me a bit, I still had a lot of fun there. For me it is about the company I have. There are some things you can hate about Boracay, but there are still so many reasons to love it. For example Boracay beaches.

party in Guilly's Island bar in Station 1 on Boracay island

Actually, to be at least a bit positive, after we said good night with the Czech girls, I mean after ‘the party’, walking back to my place at 1.30 am, I did see where all the people were partying. It was Guilly’s Island and Club Paraw located in Station 1. So if you do not want to waste the whole night looking for some party, just go straight there.

party in Club Paraw disco on Boracay island in the Philippines


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  1. Thanks for your tip, Chris. Personally, I am glad I was there earlier but at least those who want to party hard, know when to go ;)

  2. If you want a party on boracay, go new years eve. It is always packed. All the hotels are booked out. You went right before new years, people are putting it off till new years.

  3. Like I mentioned already, for me if a place is called a party place, it should be a party place all year round and not just for a few weeks :D

  4. I think it’s also important to note what month you went? (If you did, I’m sorry I didn’t read enough haha) Usually the big parties are during the Labor Day Weekend or the Holy Week. Around April-May, which is the current summer time here in the Philippines :)

  5. Comment@ Bella:
    I loved Juice Bar even during the day :)

  6. Comment@ Crazy sexy fun traveler:
    Juice Bar can be a bit hit and miss, its often seems dead quite early then suddenly gets very busy closer to midnight.

  7. Comment@ Jan:
    We were out until 1am so don’t think it was early. There was nothing happening at the Juice Bar when I was there. I guess just not the right time of the year :)

  8. Comment@ Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler:
    When I used to party on the island we didn’t even think about going out before 11pm so perhaps you were too early. It is all quite spaced out though. Juice Bar which is close to the “cattle market” Summer Place usually gets going pretty well after 11pm. The full moon parties at Area 51 are really worth visiting too if you hate the same old pop music over and over.

  9. Comment@ Francis Balgos:
    Definitely, you are right! And also depends a lot on the time of the year. To be honest I was happy it was not that wild when I was there as I’m not a party beast any more :)

  10. Boracay parties can be wild during summer. Guess it depends on the kind of party you are after.

  11. Comment@ Marx:
    I guess I saw those but still don’t count 2 or 3 bars as a party place :D

  12. Yeah, station 1 is a place to be for party. There’s a bar in Station 2, Epic where you can dance and party, too. :D

  13. Comment@ Joei:
    Joei, thanks for such the detailed information about the parties on Boracay :) Now I know when not to go there :) I am not a party person any more and I prefer to spend some time at the beach with less people, like you said, that you also prefer it more quiet :) I was just surprised not to see any parties in Boracay when I was there because it is really famous to be a party place but it was more dead there than in my small home town :D

  14. As you can see from my post, Boracay is a party place! ;)
    Whoever told you that December is peak season for Boracay season lied to you. It’s best to go during March-May. Super peak season would be before Holy Week (it changes from time to time so just Google Holy Week and then the year you’re planning to go), Holy Week itself is when the wild parties are, and after Holy Week. Then the time I went was Labor Day weekend and the week after that there are still parties. Other times would be Halloween weekend and New Years Eve,. Any other month would be a dead month in Boracay (which I sometimes prefer so I can enjoy the beach) :)

    Reading through your site. Love that you get to travel a lot! :)

  15. Comment@ ian | going places:
    It was before Xmas so I was told it should be a peak season in Boracay when I was there, and the beaches were overcrowded during the day so I expected more people partying … not that I need it to survive :D Was just surprised it was not like that :)

  16. But when its party peak in Boracay… you’ll hate the crowd of so many people, you can’t move to one place to another. Better enjoy a star gazing by the beach or watching fire dancing near the shores.

  17. Comment@ Rose:
    Then I’m glad there were not that many people when I was there :D I can’t enjoy overcrowded places … and, yeah, now I know all the parties are at Station 1.

  18. Too late to tell you that! All the party are at Station 1. Usually party time is during the Holy Week but you said that you don’t like people everywhere. You can not drop a pin without hitting someone during this time. All summer long is also party time that starts on Holy week up to May.

    Rose of Branson show tickets

  19. Hm really? There were a lot of people in the beginning of December when I visited. But can’t take its credit, Boracay beaches are worth a visit at any time of the year.

  20. actually the time Boracay gets the busiest is during summer… march april.. there are lots of things going on that time

  21. just like you, im not really a party goer… after dinner, I usually go to the grocery and buy couple of beers in can…. watch tv then sleep hahaha:)

  22. Comment@ Pinoy Travel Freak:
    Me neither, I love White beach a lot! But just expected more parties as Boracay is famous for them.

  23. I don’t go to Boracay to party so it’s okay. :)

  24. Comment@ jehzlau:
    That’s why I’m here :)

  25. Comment@ crazy sexy fun traveler:
    Hahaha! Yeah! Great company and you made a great guide as well for future Boracay visitors. Hehe. :D

  26. Comment@ jehzlau:
    It was a good night for sure, but not cos great party in Boracay but my lovely company tho ;) And yes, I found the best places to party but when very tired on my way home :D

  27. Comment@ Micamyx|Senyorita:
    That’s what I meant, all finishes too early. But at least there is some fire dancing :) And cute guys from time to time ;)

  28. What an annoyingly fun night! You’ve moved to different places but somehow found a good place to party. Hehehe. I’ve never been to Boracay and
    I’m not a party person. But if ever I’ll visit Boracay someday, I’ll take ur advice and proceed to Gully’s, so that I’ll never be annoyed with drunk dancing gays and aweful amateur singers.. :D

  29. What I enjoy in Boracay is the fire dancing and you will see them at Sandbar by Bamboo Lounge and they start a bit early. Ironically, the party life in Boracay ends early not unless there is a real big event.


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