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A dietitian explains various vegetarian diet types

Many people in the world are embracing a vegetarian diet. People prefer plant-based diets as compared to an animal-based diet. They have seen several advantages of vegetarian diets that animal-based diets do not provide. Many people are shifting to plant-based foods because of the numerous vitamins and nutrients that they acquire from the diet. Specialists […]

Discover the top 10 vegan restaurants in Los Angeles

One of the major challenges of traveling for vegans is the lack of dining options, especially in cities where eateries are largely meat-based. Those visiting Los Angeles, however, will not encounter such a problem. While veganism may seem like a new trend, the City of Angels has been innovating plant-based dining for a long time […]

Vegan-friendly global cuisines

Exotic foods can be intimidating, especially when they consist of ingredients you’ve never heard of before or they’re dishes you simply can’t understand. It’s even more of a chore if you’re vegan and struggling to differentiate between what is suitable to eat and what isn’t. In fact, it can be a nightmare. Which vegan-friendly global […]