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Seville parks

Maria Luisa Park

Seville is one of the most important cities in Spain due to its predominant history, music, people and natural resources. According to history, the Greek demigod Heracles founded the city of Seville and its origins have strong links with the Tartessian civilization. With the arrival of the Moors, the architecture of the city changed, as […]


I decided to give my biggest thanks to all those who keep sponsoring my trips. I divide them into a couple of categories in which they sponsor me. All the hotels/travel agencies/tourism boards/bars/tour guides etc. on this page sponsored some of my traveling around the world. Once again thanks a million! If you wish to […]

9,601.56 € -12 months, 14 countries, 21 flights in 2011

money money money

In the end of every year, all the bloggers do a post about what they did that year and what plans they have for the following year. I will do one about the best of 2011 in a couple of days.And I decided to do also a post about my expenses. I just want to show […]


Location and Geography Officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica italiana in Italian), commonly known just as Italy, is a unitary parliamentary republic in South Europe. Italy is located between the longitudes 6° W  and 19°E, and latitudes 35° and 47°N. Italy borders on the Northwest with France (488 km), Austria (430 km) and Slovenia (232 km) […]